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Newsweek: GOP/Christian Plot for World Domination


Daily Beast/Newsweek: Perry And Bachmann Have A “Christian Plot For Domination” Similar To Radical Islam…
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Mary De Voe said...

Gary Wills is not a scholar. Including his opinion ruined the piece for me.

Mary De Voe said...

The death penalty for homosexual behavior, abortion and apostasy are clearly ruled out by the Rule of Law found in the bible. Only for killing a man must a man be put to death. Abortion, human sacrifice of one person for another person's convenience must be brought into a court of law, as it was "in the old days" before the mob mentality of militant feminism destroyed every vestige of Justice within the Rule of Law. Militant feminism destroyed our founding principles in our Declaration of Independence and "our constitutional posterity". This was only possible after the Person of God was denied sovereignty in the public square. Every person's sovereignty as a citizen was eradicated with the destruction of the Rule of Law found in the Holy Scripture. Let us not fool ourselves, when "our Creator endowed, unalienable rights" were eliminated, every civil right was eliminated and men became property of the state and the HELL to follow has just begun. Nitpicking several of the outrages does not ameliorate them. Individuals repudiating our unalienable rights repudiate their citizenship as well as our citizenship and have no legal standing in a court of law. Return the Rule of Law, all of our unalienable rights and the acknowledgment of our sovereign personhood endowed by our Creator. Then let us talk FREEDOM.

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