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London Burns, Government Yawns

I guess it's better than fiddling, but not by much:

The Daily Mail has a predictably lurid round-up, but the photos are the photos, and the story is the story. The spectacle is revolting, not revolutionary.

As noted by Michael earlier, Theresa May, Britain’s Home Secretary, has come out with a statement so asinine one can only assume she has drunk too much of her own Kool-Aid. The Daily Telegraph has more on the depressing details:
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I am not Spartacus said...


By a decade or so. Britain precedes America on the path to self-annihilation and the unassimilated rioters in the magnificent "multicultural " areas of London have no vested interest in the history of that once great Island (we used to call the people there, Angels) and they grab what they can when they can knowing they will not be stopped.

The English statesman, Enoch Powell, predicted all of this when he addressed the non-discrimination madness of liberalism.


Many apprehend this truth. Few are willing to admit it. We are all supposed to pretend that what is happening has a complicated explanation that only can be understood by academicians and politicians but the average Joe knows in his heart that the government favors the other over the native population of America.

The average Joe may not know Bertolt Brecht and his poem about the government electing a new people, but he can see the results of the mayhem liberalism causes.

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