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Krugman Wishes Aliens Would Attack

Or something.

NYT “Economist” Paul Krugman Calls For Space Aliens To Attack Earth Requiring Massive Defense Spending To Stimulate Economy…
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SherryTex said...

Wow. Just Wow.

crazy Canuck said...

goodness gracious. If the Aliens were Fourmians we'd all be Guatamela producing nothing but sugar for our Ant Overlords. If on the other hand they were Lycanthropians, good luck!

Anonymous said...

This lauded expert "economist" never heard of the "broken window fallacy"??? He neglects to consider what the money spent on war, whether with space aliens or non-Americans MIGHT have been spent on had people been allowed to keep their money and lives. That this cheese is actually put forth and the man is not immediately ridiculed out of his profession is testament to how dumb he (and his employers) think we are.

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