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Catholic Charities Loses in Illinois

Children's welfare takes a back seat to political correctness. American Thinker writes:

The state of Illinois is about to throw the foster care system in chaos because a large provider - Catholic Charities - opposes placing children with same sex couples.

The 2200 children placed by Catholic Charities will now be transferred to other social welfare agencies. The state says they will try to keep the kids with the same foster parents, but there are no guarantees that this will occur during the transition.
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Mary De Voe said...

WHO is the state? Catholics pay taxes. The funds given BACK to Catholic charities is the taxes FROM Catholics. The Catholic Church and separation of church and state may be compared to the sovereign state of the Native Indians, a state within a state, each with its own rules and truths. The state might be hard pressed to prove that the taxpayers approved of gay marriage so their protection against discrimination against gay marriage is a strawman implemented to inveigh against the Catholic church and anything of truth.

Mary De Voe said...

Another thought. It is the duty of the state to protect the freedom of every citizen. One citizen's freedom ends where another citizen's freedom begins unless they are in accordance with one another. Orphan children ought to be given a mother and a father as they had before they became orphans. The gay couple has no power to authorize the state to award them custody of another person, a minor person whose unalienable rights are held in trust for him. Until the orphan reaches the age of informed consent at eighteen years and chooses a gay couple as foster parents, his natural parents must be replaced with natural parents who want children and brothers and sisters for him. If gay persons want children they have to do the heterosexual thing like everybody else. Orphans have rights to be protected by the state, and the state must protect the orphans' rights to natural parents. Does this say that gay parents are unnatural? Yes, it does. But this is not about gay marriage. This is about adoption of orphans. Once the state has given children for adoption through Catholic charities, the states' involvment with issues of who gets to raise the children are over and done with. This issue belongs to Catholic charities and the state has no input unless the state submits itself to the religion of Catholicism which violates separation of church and state.

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