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Bachmann Not Running for Wife-in-Chief

Nancy French nails this issue:

When John Kennedy ran for president, he had to dispel the notion that the Pope would be calling the shots. Michele Bachmann’s Christian faith has put her in a similar position pertaining to her husband.

“Given the insistence of Christian theology on male supremacy,” Leslie Bennetts writes in the Daily Beast, “female candidates who put that religion front and center in their campaigns should be required to explain what that means in terms of how they would govern, if elected.”
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bill bannon said...

Bachmann switched to defining submission as respect on all the early Sunday pundit encounters on TV. They all let her use that dodge so far but when things heat up in the future, they will turn tough and they will insist that her obeying her husband as to studying tax law in the past means that he could interfere in the future on the basis of her career possibles like a second term if she had a first.
Catholics should read section 74 of Casti Conuubii of Pius XI. He actually was more biblical than the current Catholic hierarchy who do not even have the topic of wifely obedience in either the catechism or in Vatican II. Frankly worldwide, women probably keep the Church afloat financially since they are the greater Mass attendees in macho cultures. In short I've never known a Catholic wife who would study years of tax law in submission to her husband....nor do I know a Catholic husband who would think to mandate it. It sounds like something you'd do if you were mad at your wife...." I enjoin you, wifey, to study Dutch tapestries woven between 1533 and 1548 at the post graduate level....so there."

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