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Abp Chaput: Don't Trust the News

CNS News reports:

The news outlets CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and MSNBC do not “provide trustworthy information about religious faith,” said Philadelphia’s incoming Archbishop, Charles Chaput, at the Catholic World Youth Day ongoing this week in Madrid, Spain.
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Clinton said...

For me, the revelation of just how little the MSM
cares about accuracy when reporting on the Church
came during the coverage of the death of Pope
John Paul II. A reporter assigned by the International
Herald Tribune to cover the events in Rome wrote
a story on the Pope's lying in state, an article picked
up and run by many other news organizations.
In the article were several laughable errors that
betrayed the author's complete ignorance of his
subject matter. My favorite part was where the
reader was informed that the staff placed in the
hands of the deceased Pope was called a "crow's ear".

Now we all make mistakes. But this writer had
been assigned to cover what was at the time the
biggest story in the world, and clearly hadn't even
a passing acquaintance with the subject matter.
Evidently, his editor was also equally ignorant.
As were the other media that picked up and ran
the coverage. Column inches were needed, but
research, accuracy, fact-checking -- heck, just
running the piece by a Catholic to catch the
howlers like "crow's ear"-- those things were not

Now imagine if you read a national newspaper's
coverage of the presidential election and the
author informed you that the people running for
the office were called "candy dates". Wouldn't
you call into question the competence of the
entire news organization if such howlers were
a) written in the first place, b) got past the
editors, and c) were picked up and printed by other
news agencies without correction?

The MSM could not care less whether it's coverage
of the Church is accurate or fair. The MSM does
not know, or care to know, what is true about the
Church. The MSM merely wants to be seen to
cover events. If that means uncritically accepting
talking points from dissident groups in lieu of
actually conducting research, they're fine with it.
The news organizations of the MSM care about
only two things: being perceived as a player in
the news game, and ad revenue. Truth and
journalistic integrity can go pound sand.

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