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Woman: Pope Pius XII Cured My Cancer

The Blaze reports:

Maria Esposito was ready to give up. Wasted away at 42 kilos (92 pounds), she couldn‘t bear another dose of chemotherapy to fight the Stage IV Burkitt’s lymphoma that had invaded her body while she was pregnant with her second child.

But as she and her family had done since she was diagnosed with the rare and aggressive form of cancer in July 2005, Esposito prayed to the man who had appeared to her husband in a dream as the only person who could save her: Pope Pius XII.
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Anonymous said...

I heard about this story early this morning and when I read it I was very upset and angry about this for two reasons. First it gives people who are against Pius for political or ideological reasons in view of the recent backtracking by a certain ambassador a week ago more headlines. Secondly it seriously questions John Paul II's own beatification because he did work a cure for the French nun which also at one point was questioned . Secondly,it shows the double standard of how one Pope has to wait over 50 years while another is beatified (with no problems)in just a record 6 years. I find all of this to be very hypocritical and there needs to be changes made in the whole Sainthood process itself,because can you imagine if the roles were reversed and Pius was Beatified before John Paul? No of course not because Pius was not from Poland. I can see Sister is also upset and has a problem with this,because the doctor (who is an atheist can't be reached for comments. Something needs to be done to restore credibility to the whole post 1983 sainthood process.

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