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Vatican Excommunicates Chinese Bishop

The Blaze reports:

The Vatican said Saturday that a bishop ordained in China this week without papal approval had acted in defiance of the Holy See and was automatically excommunicated.

Amid a deepening standoff with Beijing, the Vatican issued a strongly worded statement denouncing the ordination and said Pope Benedict XVI “once again deplores the manner in which the church in China is being treated.”
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Mary De Voe said...

Priestly succession from St. Peter to Pope Benedict XVI and the laying on of hands to bestow the Holy Spirit consecrates bishops. Without the laying on of hands these men are fakes and charlatans. That anyone must tell them indicates their truly abysmal ignorance of the Catholic Faith.

Mary De Voe said...
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Mary De Voe said...

A mortal and fallible state ordains an immortal and infallible servant of God. Only the Vatican can ordain the bishop through the power of the Holy Spirit WHO is GOD. If China claims to be the power of the Holy Spirit WHO is God, let them live as such by humbly granting freedom to the Vicar of Jesus Christ to rule over the Global Catholic Church in China.

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