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UK Mom Told Breastfeeding Offends Muslims

The Blaze reports:

A U.K. woman said she was told to leave a community center after she tried to breastfeed her five-month-old son, out of concern that she would offend Muslim visitors.

According to the Daily Mail, a receptionist told Emma Mitchell the center was a “multicultural building” and suggested she continue in the privacy of a restroom. After Mitchell argued, a manager permitted her to use an empty room under supervision.
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Mary De Voe said...

Using Muslims to push people around. Muslims use Pyrex??? The milk of human kindness is nowhere to be found, not even at the breast.

Clinton said...

I wonder if that same UK city issues permits for
'gay pride' parades. If so, how does its council
justify the outrage to Muslim sensibilities? Does
the city council demand that the parade also be
held in the privacy of a restroom?

It would be interesting to survey the responses
received by persons contacting various government
offices such as this. Some could pose as Christians,
complaining about public breastfeeding, and some,
posing as Muslims, could do the same. Do you
suppose there would be a difference in the
responses received?

Anneg said...

This is really the dumbest story I've read lately. Well, almost as dumb as selling weapons to drug cartels.
In Muslim countries and around Muslim groups you will frequently see women covered except for their eyes, totally, but frequently sitting, talking, visiting with female friends or relatives and breastfeeding. Seriously. The only skin you can see is where the baby is.
Really stupid.

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