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Militant Atheist Idiocy

Jammie Wearing Fool reports:

NYC Atheists Winning Friends and Influencing People.

File this one under the category of Know When to Pick Your Fights. This isn't one of them. But in the non-stop assault on religion, there's no level of pettiness people won't stoop to, apparently.
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Mary De Voe said...

Atheists will not stop until "our Creator" is eradicated from our Declaration of Independence. With God written in our hearts and carved in the palm of our hands, every person created will have to be annihilated. Atheists do not know that they are the foot soldiers of the devil, because the Great Liar, with no soul, the personification of evil, will not allow these human beings with immortal souls to have freedon and the Right to Choose. Atheists must fulfill the burden of proof in a court of law that they are still citizens, having repudiated our founding principles and denied unalienable rights now even to the dead. It is no small matter that atheists and their lawsuits are paid for by the American taxpayer. Why isn't the ACLU fighting to preserve the will of the MEN who died under God, for God, and are in heaven? What common good does the removal of the concept of heaven or the faithful's response to God's gift of Faith,religion, protected in the First Amendment through the will of the people, I ask, what common good does this serve? NONE. The Atheists are suing for the money and because they can. Because atheists have chosen to alienate themselves from the UNALIENABLE, they are not permitted by law into a court of law. The only creature not destined for heaven with God is the devil, but, of course, the devil hides and lies. The great Sidewinder is at it again. yeeach

MoonChild02 said...

If they want to change the sign, they have to change the names of all the streets and areas in New York that have religious connotations. Not just Christian ones, either, like Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Ave., Trinity Place, Luther Road, Penn Street, and Hell's Kitchen. They would have to include the pagan named streets, as well, such as Neptune Ave, Athena Court, Diana's Triangle, and Odin Street.

Mary De Voe said...

@Moonchildo2: Thanks, I never would have thought of that. I find that the atheists are not really interested in changing road signs. The atheists want the millions of tax dollars that they get from civil lawsuits. Take away the money and the lawsuits will stop. Atheists have no founding principles

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