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How to Fix Budget Without New Taxes

John Kendrick at the Washington Examiner writes:

With the debt ceiling negotiations deadlocked, politicians are struggling to fix the nation's fiscal woes. Republicans refuse to raise taxes, and Democrats resist substantial spending cuts. Both are avoiding a solution which requires neither.

The federal government owns more than $3 trillion worth of assets. Many are underutilized, and would be more productive if shifted to private hands.
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David L Alexander said...

They might be more productive, but not for the government. The government makes millions upon millions of dollars every year, with a minimum of fanfare, from the sale of surplus real estate; military bases, unused warehouses, and so on. As with any other liquidation of real property, once you sell it, that's it. You can't get it back, and you certainly cannot make any more money off of it.

Unless I'm mistaken (and the last time I checked, I wasn't), ranchers in the West use excess Federal land without cost. What if they rented it? Why shouldn't they? Just because they pay taxes doesn't mean the ranchers own it; the American people do. Maybe if congressmen from the western states weren't in debt to the ranchers' lobbyists as they are, this could happen.

But even if it did, it would make only a small dent. The bulk of the Federal budget, try though we may to deny it, remains in defense spending and entitlement programs (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security). What is America REALLY willing to do to reduce the Federal budget?

Maybe ... higher taxes?

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