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Daddy Went to Jail

It's Dan Lord's sequel to "God Ruined Everything." Worth a read:

The pledge I had once made to God to not fight was at that moment feeling like a spiritual hair shirt chafing me raw; I just wanted to take it off. I was the frontman for Pain, after all—impulsive wackiness was supposed to be my stock-in-trade. For instance, at a show once in—was it Charlotte? Richmond? I don’t recall—I threw myself off the stage near the end of a song, accidentally opening a gash in my head, and then leaped back on stage and performed the rest of the song with a triumphant smile and blood rushing down my face. Impulsive wackiness. Surely it was time for more of that now that Train’s road crew had sabotaged our show? What kind of frontman makes a no-fighting pledge, anyway?! One of our songs was called “Fight,” for freak’s sake!
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