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Bishops vs. Boehner?

This kind of stuff makes me a bit crazy. The bishops are warning against any cuts to programs aiding the poor. Now, nobody wants to see the poor hurt but maybe...just maybe government isn't the answer. The National Catholic Register has a very fair article on this:

An alliance of American churches, including the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, met with President Obama last week, urging that programs aiding the poor be exempted from any spending cuts.

The ecumenical appeal was cast as a non-partisan initiative, but some critics viewed it as a wrong-headed measure that will keep taxes high and prevent investments by small businesses that would lead to job creation.
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Leticia said...

As a social worker for Catholic Charities before welfare reform, I saw government funds crippling generations of poor people. Welfare reform got more poor people off the rolls and into the workforce, raising their incomes, then this recession caused the gains in minority income in the last 25 years to be lost. Most of the working poor's only asset is their home.
Read, "It Takes a Family" by Sen Rick Santorum for ideas on what the poor need more than govt handouts.

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