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Bishop Bars NY Pols from Parish and Schools

CNS News reports:

In response to passage of a same-sex marriage law in New York, the Catholic bishop for the diocese of Brooklyn, Nicholas DiMarzio, has asked all Catholic schools to reject any honors bestowed on them by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and lawmakers who voted for the bill. The bishop has also asked all pastors and school principals to not invite any of the pro-gay marriage lawmakers “to speak or be present at any parish or school celebration.”
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Anonymous said...

One wonders why the good bishop does not say the same things regarding no-fault divorce and at the same time recuse himself from saying Mass because he is just ONE OF EVERY SINGLE DIOCESAN BISHOP IN THE UNITED STATES WHO REQUIRES DIVORCE TO EVEN SEEK A DECISION ON NULLITY.


You guys should be assailing, most directly, such perversion from a sitting, who should be unseated, bishop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David L Alexander said...


You need to remain calm. A civil divorce has no bearing on the validity of the bond, but its acquisition acknowledges that no attempt at reconciliation is likely to be undertaken. The most that could be laid at the feet of any bishop, is the lack of canonical penalty for those who separate from their spouse without his sanction, which was at one time required, and I believe still is. Unfortunately, there is little appeal in issuing decrees that are most likely to be ignored by one or both of the parties involved.

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