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An Atheist Brokeback Mountain?

Atheism is all the rage in Hollywood. You might get confused because sometimes it comes across just as rage against Christianity. Newsbusters reports on the latest bomb of a movie touting atheism:

Hollywood once eschewed making movies that openly advocated atheism. That is no longer the case.

"The Ledge" is the latest in a series of recent Hollywood films that actively promote atheism. Director Matthew Chapman hopes that his movie will be the "'Brokeback Mountain' moment for atheists."

"The Ledge" has a simple plot. An atheist seduces the attractive wife of a Christian fundamentalist. The husband, a crazy fundamentalist, lures the atheist onto a ledge and threatens to kill the wife if the atheist doesn't jump from a ledge at a certain time.
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Geoffrey Miller said...

Wait...so the guy who seduces somebody else's wife is the hero?

Mary De Voe said...

The atheist threatens to kill the woman he has seduced proves that he used the woman, cannot love and has no soul. Only for killing a man can a man be put to death, but human decency and God's law never impedes an atheist in his denial of all people's human rights. I have not seen The Ledge, nor am I planning to. The one virtue denied to every human being by the atheist is HOPE. Hope and trust in Divine Providence as petitioned for in The Declaration of Independence for our future, is denied to every immortal soul. Marriage, being an exchange of covenants and a spiritual journey with another human being, “I pledge to thee my troth”, the atheist in The Ledge cannot love, so for him it is all a matter of pride and how far he can manipulate people. The atheist in The Ledge is a devil in human form bringing about death. The atheist sells his soul to the devil and the devil takes his soul. Better go see THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER, The great lawyer was hired to get the soul of his client back from the devil. THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER MEET ON THE LEDGE, our next exciting chapter in the chronicles of atheism.

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