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7 Priests Shut Down Abortion Mill for Day

Good news from ProLifeCorner:

Last year seven Catholic Priests gathered around the Rockford abortion mill and prayed prayers of exorcism. On that day two mothers choose life; the number of abortions fell by two thirds, and the abortion mill landlord was so unsettled that he stayed outside his abortion mill while the Priests were praying. This year the powers that be inside the mill were taking no chances. Instead of trying to remain open in the face of such spiritual power, they found it easier to close their doors for the day.
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Suzanne said...

I pray outside an abortion mill 5 days a week when I pick up my disabled brother from his summer workshop. I think I'll start driving around with holy water and blessed salt. Thanks for the post!

Jenna said...

Thank you for posting this good news!

Mary De Voe said...

The fact that the priests' prayers of exorcism have shut and continue to shut the abortions down proves that the act is diabolical and straight from hell. Human sacrifice of an innocent, newly begotten immortal soul IS human sacrifice and the chief form of worship of the devil. The devil has no reproductive organs, the devil has no body and cannot reproduce. The devil cannot beget because the devil has said "I will not serve" and the pure evil of his pride does not beget life or sovereignty. The devil IS annihilation.
Abortion is the establishment of the worship of the devil by Roe v Wade, unconstitutional, and a scandal of the 55,000,000 souls aborted. How I pray these aborted souls visit Obama tonight.

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