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Video: Just Watch Him Lie

Pundette writes Anatomy of a Liar." You really should watch the video just to be sickened as to how easily Weiner lied and presented mock outrage and even attacked the press and played victim. There's something very disturbing about this video:

When you pair El Weiner's performance in the ABC video below with the lewd comments he made to Emily Miller here, you get a portrait of what John Hinderaker calls a very bad man:
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Mary De Voe said...

Weiner denies that we have constitutional posterity, minor children, to whom he and all citizens owe a decent example, at the least, and protection of their civil rights to their virginity, original innocence, and integrity, to their Life, Liberty and the pursuit of their Happiness. All abortionists, pornographers, sodomites, and fornicators have abandoned our constitutuional posterity in pursuit of damnation and have succeeded in giving full reign to the devil, the GREAT Liar. Would you trust your minor virgin daughter to this individual? I say individual because I do not consider Weiner a man. Would you trust your future to Weiner? Would you trust your vote to Weiner to represent you as his constituent in his great denial of our constitutional posterity?

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