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Rudy's Running!

Thank goodness a Catholic is running for Prez. Bill Kristol reports that Rudy Giuliani is running.

I'm told by two reliable sources that Rudy Giuliani intends to run for the GOP nomination for president in 2012. He may throw his hat in the ring soon.
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Unknown said...

Really? What about Rick Santorum? He's Catholic... I don't trust Rudy on life and family issues. Do you?

Pro Ecclesia said...

I think Matt is being facetious about Rudy being a "Catholic" running for President.

Looks like it's time to get Catholics Against Rudy
up and running again.

matthew archbold said...

I was being very sarcastic. Jay, I almost put that you had to get that site going again but I didn't want to put pressure on you.

Unknown said...

Sorry to be so stupid. I had just finished another post on the lists of GOP candidates, and am surprised by how many people look favorably on Mitt, Newt, Rudy, etc. Politics makes me lose my sense of humor.

Pro Ecclesia said...

It's our old friend Judge Dillard's website. I helped him with getting the word out to the Catholic blogosphere when Catholics Against Rudy first got going, but Steve did all the heavy lifting.

If CAR does come out of the mothballs, I'm guessing that Steve's judicial duties probably preclude him from actively running it - he'd probably have to hand over the running of it to someone else (preferably not me).


Paul Zummo said...

Eh, it's hardly worth the effort. Rudy was a prime contender in 2008 now he'd be luck to outpoll Johnson and Gingrich.

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