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Muslim Sues Diocese

She says she was forced to take a lunch break during Ramadan. Oh the horror!

The Diocese of Allentown has found itself the target of a lawsuit that claims a woman was fired for being a Muslim.

Omayma Arafa filed the federal lawsuit against the Diocese in May.

The lawsuit states Arafa, who is a Muslim from Egypt, had no problems as an employee of the Diocese until August 2008, when her supervisor changed.

In the lawsuit, Arafa said her new supervisor, a Monsignor, was not respectful of her religion.
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Deirdre Mundy said...

In most states you're legally required to take lunch breaks. And good grief---why did she have to 'do nothing?' she could have played solitaire, read a book, gone for a walk....... This is insane. "Lunch break" doesn't mean "you must eat." It just means "The state requires me to make you cease working for 1/2 an hour during your shift."

Tricia said...

Just an FYI: That photo on Weasel Zippers is of our late bishop Michael Salterelli of Wilmington, Delware. He ordained one of our great priests; the the present bishop of Allentown, Bishop Barres.

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