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MSNBC: Christie Is Just Like Tony Soprano

This shows how crazy the media is because I loved this response from Christie. Story Balloon has the video:

MSNBC Moonbat: OMG Chris Christie Is Like Tony Soprano.

And Tamron Hall is like that drunk lady I met at a party who was pushing acid on everyone.. promising that you’ll ‘be changed forever.’
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Anneg said...

And the problem is?

Mary De Voe said...

because it is none of Gail's business. Who in hell is Gail to tell Governor Chris Christie how to run his children's lives or to meddle in his personal beliefs. It is an abuse of courtesy. Gail got what she asked for. She got what she gave.

Mary De Voe said...

After Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie demanded to know the name of the person interrogating him. The woman’s name is Gail. Governor Christie was too much of a gentleman to inform her of the issues she had to have been aware of, namely, that the National Education Association denies the human being’s soul in public school, the student’s endowed, unalienable civil rights held in trust for him by God, by his parents and by the state until the age of majority at twenty one years, imposes human sacrifice through abortion, demands subservience through informed consent from minor children incapable of informed consent, disparages virginity, obliterates morality, and human decency by instruction in the use of contraception for minor children and the labeling of same sex marriage as a viable, alternate way of life.
The murder of the human soul through scandal and bad example is bad enough, but the denial of the human soul of the child by the National Education Association is nothing more, nothing less than a grab for eternal power from the one and only true God. And Gail knows it.

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