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Italy in Decline

Italians aren't marrying or having children. I wonder how the Vatican will fare in a Muslim dominated Italy.

Sadly, far from the widely accepted traditional model of large, boisterous families, Italian society is rapidly becoming one of singles and two-job, one-child married couples.

Much like the sinking, decaying city of Venice, Italian culture is soon to be no more. The older generation has been referred to as the "last Catholic generation."
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anita said...

We took our 5 children 9 and under to Rome for the canonization of St. Damien of Molokai. While viewing many historical monuments and unbelievable examples of art and architecture, we repeatedly had people taking pictures of US rather than our surroundings. We stopped counting the number of times our children were counted aloud as we passed, and started counting languages we were counted in. At least twice we had people request that we pose for a photo, and had a woman ask me in Italian, as best as I could figure, if my womb was closed now. It was a trial going out, steeling myself for the LOUD exclamations, the staring, the pointing. So yeah, not a lot of kids in Italy.

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