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DOJ Joins with Planned Parenthood

It's almost like the Obama administration loves abortion or something. Weasel Zippers reports::

Stay strong, Indiana!

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The U.S. Justice Department entered the court battle over a tough new Indiana abortion law that disqualifies Planned Parenthood of Indiana from the Medicaid program, siding with the organization in its request Thursday for a court order blocking the statute as unconstitutional.
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Mary De Voe said...

Reason with me. When two become one and the DNA is original, our Creator endows the human soul with unalienable rights. The newly begotten sovereign person is a child of God. God creates us all equal. The state prohibits the mention of God in the public school, and the public square, in case the atheist (I hate atheism because it is a lie. Atheists exist.) wants to deny us our unalienable civil rights, or the state, which is constituted by the sovereign personhood of each and every citizen, wants to take credit for being God.
Freedom is the fruit of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The seeds of Freedom are planted in our constitutional posterity to bear Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness to all generations to come.
By denying God as the Creator of all human souls, the government arrogates to itself the power to annihilate every human being ever created, but the soul will live on in eternity. The state has refused existence in Truth, Justice and the American Way.

DOJ Joins with Planned Parenthood: The DOJ and PP claim ownership of human begotten souls. Lincoln said of slavery: "One person cannot own another person." except now, the government has taken possession of my soul. Does before or after being born make a difference to human existence? The Department of Justice knows that human sacrifice is the worship of the devil and government cannot establish religion: how man responds to God's gift of Faith. Those souls torn from their human bodies by PP are executed for the crimes and sins of another. Sacrificing innocent human beings is the chief form of worship of the devil. Fornication, pornography, perjury, prostitution are also forms, but abortion, taking innocent human life, scandalizing the victim, rejecting God's created soul without mercy and compassion is diabolical.

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