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Conscience of a City

Political Junkie Mom writes:

An observation: driving through Boulder, Colorado, it’s impossible not to notice the values of the city as a whole. Wind turbines scar the landscape just out of sight in order to soothe the liberal conscience. Bike paths mark every street. Car bumpers proudly proclaim every liberal tenet. Save the animals. Save the planet. Tolerance. Abortion on demand. It’s no surprise that Boulder–the home of the University of Colorado and one of the largest 4/20 smoke-ins–voted overwhelmingly for Obama.
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Anonymous said...

Wow--thanks for the link. I'm speechless. ; )

Mary De Voe said...

Save the animals so Obama can have a stranglehold on our food chain. Save the planet because the liberals think they own the planet as they write laws relegating people to the junk pile. Tolerance so they can get their own way. Abortion is executing one person for the sins and crimes of another person. Human sacrifice cannot be codified. Obama’s philosophy: “Take as much as you can as fast as you can” Boulder, Colorado is one of the more wealthy places in America. Don’t spend your money, Boulder Colorado is a waste.

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