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Dissent into Hell – Fr. Z rants

Lately there has been a sharp uptick in the media – even “Catholic” media – in open and cavalier dissent from the Church’s teaching and the authority of her duly ordained pastors. Much of it seems to revolve around the two poles of personal claims of self-determination and autonomy from anything outside one’s own skull or one’s groin.

Many who dissent from the Church’s teachings and authority simply don’t know any better. They were, perhaps, never taught or they were taught error. I tremble for those who are responsible for their ignorance.

Some dissenters know full well what they are refusing to accept. I worry that...

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How Many Genders Are There?

Kids being taught hogwash. Again. Pundette has the story:

A little pop quiz for you (and take care -- it's trickier than it seems):

How many sexes are there?

If you answered "two" (as in male and female) you're a hopeless old fogey. The correct, up-to-date answer, according to an Oakland, CA, public elementary school, is "more than two." The abolition of childhood (Steyn's phrase) continues apace.
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Ohio Passes Baby "Heartbeat Bill"

Weasel Zippers reports:

This is a great time to be part of the pro-life movement.

(Life News) — The Ohio state House today passed three pro-life bills including a measure that would ban most all abortions, one that bans late-term abortions and a third that stops taxpayer funding of abortions in Ohio under Obamacare.

The chamber approved the “Heartbeat Bill” that would ban virtually all abortions in the state starting at the 22-day mark when an unborn child’s heart begins beating.
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Marcel: Why Gay Marriage is Winning

CMR friend Marcel writes why Catholics aren't winning against gay marriage:

Catholics have not done a good (or even adequate) job of addressing the attacks on marriage. These attacks continue to grow stronger and without an understanding of how to defend marriage and the reasons behind the break-down of marriage, we will continue to see our culture slide into the anti-marriage mentality. Before I get into the reasons why same-sex marriage is gaining ground we need to explore some of the fundamental reasons why same-sex "marriages" are not good for those in them or society
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Pope: "The Most Important Moment of My Life"

L’Osservatore Romano recalls the future Pope Benedict's ordination.

In his essential and limpid autobiographical account published in 1997 – the original German is entitled Aus meinem Leben. Erinnerungen 1927-1977 (Milestones: Memoirs 1927-1977) – Joseph Ratzinger remembers with vivid simplicity his ordination to the priesthood. The great German Catholic Cardinal, Michael von Faulhaber (1869-1952), distinguished biblicist and patrologist, Archbishop of Munich and Freising from 1917, who during the dark years of the Third Reich had become one of the most courageous critics of Hitler’s regime, laid his hands on the 24-year old deacon in June 1951 and on his older brother Georg and 42 other young men.
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Sherry Takes the Kids to Mass

And honest and funny story from Sherry. Great stuff:

Every parent who has ever gone to the five o'clock it's-now-or -never mass with children knows that sometimes, the phrase "The mass is over, go in peace." is answered with "Thanks be to God." a bit more earnestly than the rest of the congregation.

This week I've been struggling with writer's block. Thankfully, or not so much, my kids have opted to provide today's story.
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Christians More Militant than Muslims


Our Brit brothers across the pond are now dealing with the notion that ‘Christians are more militant than Muslims’ because they oppose things like.. homosexuality.

At least.. according to Trevor Phillips, Chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

No, I’m not pulling your intolerant leg.. apparently the Muslim communities fit in better for the funniest of reasons, ”Muslims are less vociferous because they are trying to integrate into British “liberal democracy.”
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US Soccer Team Booed At Home vs. Mexico

Yeah, let's just keep that border open:

US Soccer Team Booed During Home Game In L.A. By Mexico’s Fans, Post-Game Ceremony Conducted In Spanish…
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Modern Parenting

Jill takes on "honesty" with children:

Sign of the times: Tapping into the self-absorbed, not-ready-for-adulthood parenting market with a malevolent little volume of "bedtime stories."
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Pesitter Has Tons of Stories on Gay Marriage

Check out Pewsitter for the latest news and blog hits on gay marriage.

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Consequences of Same Sex Marriage

Mass Resistance writes:

Anyone who thinks that same-sex “marriage” is a benign eccentricity which won’t affect the average person should consider what it has done in Massachusetts. It’s become a hammer to force the acceptance and normalization of homosexuality on everyone. And this train is moving fast. What has happened so far is only the beginning.

On November 18, 2003, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court announced its Goodridge opinion, ruling that it was unconstitutional not to allow same-sex “marriage.” Six months later, homosexual marriages began to be performed.
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Dem: We Need to "Go After Deniers"

Uh-oh. That doesn't sound good. Weasel Zippers has the vid:

Former Dem Senator: Climate Change Caused U.S. Floods And Fires, We Need “Aggressive Campaign To Go After Deniers”…
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Student's Letter to His Future Spouse

CMR buddy Cecilia sent us this. If you're looking for hope from the next generation this video might be a good place to start:

My dear friend’s oldest son did this project for his freshman health class. He opted out of the school’s sex education class and was instead allowed to study Theology of the Body for Teens. This is his final project.
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What The Hell Was KIA Thinking?

You have to see this ad from car manufacturer KIA to believe it.

What the hell were they thinking?

ht NewAdvent

The Most Heartbreaking Story Of The Day

Don't say I didn't warn you. This is horrible.

Illinois Teen Dies Trying to Save Dog From Being Put Down

CHICAGO -- An Illinois family remained in shock Thursday after a teenage girl died in a car accident while attempting to save her pet dog from being put down.

Taylor Mae Stinchcomb, 15, stole the family minivan and fled her home in Gurnee, Lake County at midnight Tuesday with her cancer-stricken Doberman, Romulus, and a friend, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

When Taylor became too distressed to drive, the 15-year-old friend took over the wheel.

The unnamed friend later lost control of the van and crashed into several trees and a utility pole, police said.

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Does The Light Bulb Still Live?

(CNSNews.com) - House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) says that he is “close” to an agreement with sponsors of legislation that would repeal the 2007 ban on the ordinary incandescent light bulb.

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New Religious Order Will Come to Boston

BOSTON (CNA) — Iraqi Sister Olga Yaqob is beginning a women’s religious order in the Boston Archdiocese this year to carry out the Church’s mission to evangelize.
“Our main spirituality will focus on Jesus, and then carry his presence out into the world,” Sister Olga told CNA on June 21.

“I have seen a lot of spiritual poverty in our country: people who are spiritually hungry,” she said. “They don’t know what kind of loving Father we have, what kind of beautiful faith our Catholic Church has.”

Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/new-religious-order-will-come-to-boston/#ixzz1Q7GzFBQr

Bishops Undermined By Jesuit Universities

Catholic academics for suicide? Crisis Magazine has the story:

Even as the nation’s bishops react with alarm to a recent Montana Supreme Court ruling allowing physician-assisted suicide, their efforts are being undermined by ethics and law professors at several Jesuit universities.

Last week, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops approved a statement describing assisted suicide as “a terrible tragedy, one that a compassionate society should work to prevent”:
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Cars 2 Takes Leftist Turn

Looks like the kids and I will miss this one:

Debuting in theaters this Friday, the seemingly innocuous Disney-Pixar film 'Cars 2' has become a tool to wedge a fight against fossil fuels in favor of alternative forms of energy.

When John Lasseter moved from executive producer to executive director last year, he overhauled major portions of the plot into a good vs. evil story against big oil.

In an interview with Wall Street Journal's Ethan Smith, "Cars 2" director John Lasseter explains his transformation of the film into a story about the "bad guys" of big oil.
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Blue State Schools Stink

Political Junkie Mom writes:

You don’t say: Blue state schools less than stellar

Which means red state schools–with more education innovations like charters–lead the way. Walter Russell Mead:
When it come to excellence in education, red states rule — at least according to a panel of experts assembled by Tina Brown’s Newsweek. Using a set of indicators ranging from graduation rate to college admissions and SAT scores, the panel reviewed data from high schools all over the country to find the best public schools in the country.
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Science Gone Wrong

Stacy McCain making sense:

Instapundit’s enthusiasm for all things scientific leads him to write this headline: "MORE WOMEN ARE freezing their eggs to make babies later. Makes sense."

Well, excuse me for disagreeing. It is a preposterously stupid idea to encourage women deliberately to postpone first-time motherhood until they are middle-aged, without concern for the obvious arguments against such a decision.
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The Dangerous Mind of Peter Singer

Joe Carter writes of the Ivy League madman:

Bespectacled, balding, and thin, the Australian scholar Peter Singer has the looks of a stereotypical college professor. You would never be able to tell simply by his unassuming persona that his mind holds some of the most controversial ideas in American academia.
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Look Who Supports "Catholics for Choice"

Live Action's blog is quickly becoming a must read:

Catholics for Choice is an organization that advocates for the right to abort one’s child — against established Catholic church teaching. While the organization has twice been condemned as a fraud by U.S. Catholics bishops but they boast a significant budget funded mostly by a select group of foundations. This year, the Ford Foundation gave Catholics for Choice a $300,000 grant as seen below:
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Fr Corapi: reflections from a priestly point of view

From Fr. Tim Finigan:

Fr Corapi has published another defence of himself, including a further attack on his accuser, the process by which he was being investigated, and the people conducting it. I think most priest bloggers will be profoundly disturbed by all of this, and, if sensible, will make a serious examination of conscience.

We priests start out blogging for the sake of the Kingdom, for the Church, and to help others to a deeper knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. We have different ways of doing that: some priests simply blog their sermons and I find that edifying. Others post about some particular area of interest or expertise. That is also edifying. Still others, like me, try to put in a mixture of comment, entertainment (funny YouTube videos and the like) and support for others (reviewing their books, advertising their events, putting up photos of reverently celebrated Masses and so on.) That is not quite so edifying but has a greater reach.

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Obama's "Evolving" View on Gay Marriage

Yeah, he's still lying but he's thinking about telling the truth. Hot Air reports::

I don’t know what’s left to say that I didn’t say six months ago when he last lied about this issue, but in case you’re wondering whether he’s still pretending to be against gay marriage: Yep. Still.

But maybe not for much longer.
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Child Refuses to Convert to Islam, Flees

Being a Christian is still the most dangerous thing you can do in many parts of the world:

Pakistan: Christian Families Forced To Flee Homes After 8-Year-Old Boy Refuses To Convert To Islam, Accused Of Blasphemy…

Sadly, this is an everyday occurrence in the Islamic world.
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More Than You Bargained For

Now that's a fishing story. Gotta' see this vid:

Do you feel like this once in a while?

Talk about getting more than you bargained for!
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I Spank My Kids

Nancy French defends spanking at The Corner:

When I lived in New York and Philadelphia, I was cautious about publicly disciplining my children, since I knew mothers in liberal northeastern cities differed greatly with my approach. For example, I once was chided by a mom in a library for getting on to my daughter for wandering off while I was trying to check out her books.

“You get back over here,” I said quietly, and my daughter began to throw a bit of a fit. In my urgency to avoid a public confrontation, I lapsed into the very unoriginal but still effective, “Keep it up, and I’ll really give you something to cry about!”

Another mom, ever so gently, pulled me aside. “You know, you really needn’t be so sharp with her,” she said. “The girl is obviously just trying to read books, and you will intellectually stunt her.”
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Maureen Dowd vs. "Starchbishop"

Tim Graham writes:

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd is a nominal Catholic. She doesn’t believe at all in the church’s teaching that homosexuality is a sin. When Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, opposes “gay marriage” in New York, the best Dowd could do in her Saturday column was call him the “Starchbishop” and drag out (repeatedly) the sexual abuse scandal of the 1960s and 1970s. If this kind of knee-jerk thinking is annoying at the dinner table, who'd enjoy it in the newspaper?
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Don't Worry! Lawyers Are Fighting Terror

Sometimes someone says something so stupid that you know they regret what they said as soon as its out of their mouth. Other times, you know that the person actually meant the stupid thing they said and it forces you to attach the stupidity they uttered to them. This is one of those times and Attorney General Eric Holder is that stupid:

Centrist and right-of-center national security experts reacted with contempt to Attorney General Eric Holder’s claim at a legal convention that the courts are the nation’s “most effective terror-fighting weapon.”

“That’s utter nonsense … it is simply lunatic,” said Ralph Peters, military analyst, author and former soldier. In the war against the jihadis, he said, the courts “have been totally ineffective when they’re not outright destructive.”
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MSNBC: Christie Is Just Like Tony Soprano

This shows how crazy the media is because I loved this response from Christie. Story Balloon has the video:

MSNBC Moonbat: OMG Chris Christie Is Like Tony Soprano.

And Tamron Hall is like that drunk lady I met at a party who was pushing acid on everyone.. promising that you’ll ‘be changed forever.’
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Gay Activists Glitter Bachmann

Weasel Zippers has the vid:

Gay Activist Tries Glitter Attack on Michele Bachmann and Fails

Yeah, it’s all innocent fun-and-games self-righteousness until someone loses an eye or inhales and chokes to death on the crap.
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DOJ Joins with Planned Parenthood

It's almost like the Obama administration loves abortion or something. Weasel Zippers reports::

Stay strong, Indiana!

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The U.S. Justice Department entered the court battle over a tough new Indiana abortion law that disqualifies Planned Parenthood of Indiana from the Medicaid program, siding with the organization in its request Thursday for a court order blocking the statute as unconstitutional.
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Top 10 Modern Myths about Catholicism

Marcel writes:

When I decided to write this list, I thought about how it has changed, even in the past ten years. If I were to write this list 10 years ago, it would probably include these items:
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Mother/Daughter Uterus Transplant?

Mary Meets Dolly thinks there's problems here that nobody (or hardly anybody) is talking about:

Yesterday a team from University of Gothenburg's Sahlgrenska Hospital in Sweden announced that they will be attempting, in the next year, to implant a uterus from a mother to a daughter so the daughter can get pregnant. Ever since that announcement I have read all kinds of fuzzy thinking on this. From "it is no different than any other organ transplant" to "what a great gift for a mother to give her daughter, the ability to give life" to "If she gets pregnant it is God's will!"

Let us cut through the fuzzy thinking and warm, toasty feelings and actually look at what is really going on.
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Andrew Jackson and the Nuns

Awesome story from American Catholic:

When one thinks of Andrew Jackson, Our Lady of Prompt Succor and the Ursuline nuns do not spring to mind, but they should.
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The Damage of False Accusations

Boston.com reports of a sad story of an innocent priest:

The first time the Rev. Charles Murphy was cleared of accusations that he improperly touched a minor, a girl 25 years earlier, everyone who ever met him said they had never doubted his innocence.

It was 2006 and priests were all over the news for every awful reason, most of them deservedly so. But Father Murphy swore his innocence, the archdiocese ruled the allegations lacked substance, and the woman dropped her suit on the eve of trial.
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"Pro-life" Huntsman Supports ESC?

Verum Serum would seem to have evidence that he does.

With Jon Huntsman scheduled to announce his run for president next week, and much of the media seemingly caught up in the aura of a potential Republican nominee who says things they like, I thought I would do a little more actual vetting of Huntsman. Earlier this month Huntsman touted his pro-life credentials at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual conference, stating that he “signed every pro-life bill that crossed his desk” while serving as Governor of Utah. I don’t doubt that this is the case, but wondered where he stood on a related pro-life issue – stem cell research.
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Letterman Knocks Priests, Donohue Knocks Back

Gotta' love the Catholic League:

On last night's "Late Show with David Letterman," the CBS host said he was "stunned" and "fascinated" by Anthony Weiner's predicament. He then said the following: "Honest to God, is this the kind of behavior you'd expect from a congressman! No. In simple terms, no. It is not the kind of behavior you'd expect from a congressman. It is the kind of behavior you'd expect from a priest."
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Greenpeace Vid: Barbie is a "Serial Killer"

I understand they think toys hurt the environment and all but uhm why did they make Ken sooo...effeminate?

Greenpeace Claims Barbie A “Serial Killer” Who Is “Destroying Rainforests”…
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Conscience of a City

Political Junkie Mom writes:

An observation: driving through Boulder, Colorado, it’s impossible not to notice the values of the city as a whole. Wind turbines scar the landscape just out of sight in order to soothe the liberal conscience. Bike paths mark every street. Car bumpers proudly proclaim every liberal tenet. Save the animals. Save the planet. Tolerance. Abortion on demand. It’s no surprise that Boulder–the home of the University of Colorado and one of the largest 4/20 smoke-ins–voted overwhelmingly for Obama.
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Two New Black Pro-Life Billboards

I think the pro-life movement is best served by being unafraid and brave like these guys:

Today , on behalf of the National Black ProLife Coalition, spokesperson Walter Hoye announced 60 “BLACK&BEAUTIFUL” billboards have been placed in the Oakland, CA, area.

The campaign is being sponsored jointly with TooManyAborted.com. It was Ryan Bomberger with TMA who originally launched the first black abortion genocide awareness campaign only 16 months ago with the hugely impactful “Blacks are an Endangered Species” billboards.
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3rd State Defunds Planned Parenthood

LifeNews.com reports:

North Carolina has become the third state to de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business now that both houses of the state legislature have agreed to override the veto pro-abortion Gov. Bev Perdue’s budget veto.
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The Abortion Industry's War on Choice

Mailee Smith of the Washington Times writes:

There is a new war on choice in this country, and the leaders are none other than the captains of the abortion industry. Their target: pregnancy care centers (PCCs). Their technique: Brand the centers with a “scarlet letter” and force them to advertise abortion. Their goal: disparage the centers and drive women to abortion clinics.
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Court Upholds Wisconsin Union Law

Finally! A court decision that went our way!!

Walker Wins: Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds State’s Union Law

Madison’s Capitol building squatters hardest hit.

(FOX News) — Wisconsin’s Republican governor has won a major victory: the state Supreme Court says his polarizing union rights law can go into effect.
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California Bill Mandates Fitted Bed Sheets

Nanny state madness. I guess California has time for these kinds of bills because their economy is going sooooo well. The Daily Caller reports:

California’s state legislature is considering requiring hotels use fitted sheets.

Senate Bill 432, which requires hotels use fitted sheets and provide housekeepers with long-handle mops, just passed the state Senate on the coattails of support from hotel workers union Unite Here and is set to go to the state’s House soon.
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Affirmative Action for Basketball Teams?

A little fun with hypocrisy:

Video: Students Explain Why They Support Affirmative Action . . . Then Refuse To Sign Petition Applying It To Sports Teams
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Check Out This "Objective" CNN Headline

Ha! They let the mask slip a bit on this one. Just a bit. Hot Air has a snapshot.

Lots of people are picking up on CNN Money’s headline on top of an analysis of Republican positions on debt-ceiling increases by Jeanne Sahadi, such as Jammie Wearing Fool and Rob Port, among others. On top of a picture of Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, and Marco Rubio, CNN Money headlines the piece … well, you can read it for yourself:
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Most US Mosques Preach Violence

Jihad Watch reports:

In Human Events this morning, some inconvenient truths:

Last week came new confirmation that mosques in the U.S. aren’t quite holding potluck suppers and teaching civic pieties. A new study has demonstrated that 80% of mosques right in this country are teaching jihad warfare and Islamic supremacism.
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The "Smokin' Hot" Controversy

Keep the love alive folks. Keep it burnin'!!! Rachel writes:

So I have a confession to make. A few weeks ago, I referred to my husband on twitter as my RHL — red hot lover.

For those of you who didn’t need smelling salts after that (and I am SO SORRY to offend your sensibilities, all the rest of you), I’d like to have a discussion.

But first, let me explain: that tweet, it started as a dare.
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Dallas Mavs Made Honorary Ohioans by Gov.

Ha! This is awesome. Gov. Kasich is obviously drinking the Hater-ade.

It has been an eventful few weeks for the Dallas Mavericks. First they became Western Conference champions, then they became NBA champions and on Monday, they added "Honorary Ohioans" to their resume.
The latest distinction came courtesy of Ohio Governor John Kasich, who on Monday issued a resolution declaring the Mavs as "Honorary Ohians" effective on Tuesday, according to CBSSports.com

The announcement was no doubt a swipe at Miami forward LeBron James, who spurned the Cleveland Cavaliers last summer to take his talents to South Beach.
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Dem Wants to Smack Around Female

If you're gonna' say something stupid, please make sure you're not being recorded when you say it, OK? Weasel Zippers has the audio:

A Wisconsin democrat running in a recall election left a message on a woman’s answering machine. The democrat said he ought to smack her around in a message he didn’t know was being recorded. WISGOP reported:
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NPR Highlights WomynPriests!

What could go wrong? Newsbusters reports:

It's Sunday evening. What better way to wind down the Lord's Day than tuning into National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" for an unbalanced story on the "ordination" of four supposedly Catholic women "priests"?
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Airing of Grievances

Danielle Bean writes that she's started holding family meetings.

“When is our next meeting?” eleven-year-old Juliette harrumphed as she slouched on the couch beside me. “Because I have a grievance to air.”

This isn’t just a melodramatic pre-teen talking; this is our family’s latest lingo. In our house, the “grievances” are real. And we air them at family meetings.

A few months ago, it came to my attention that some of our children disliked our family bedtime rules, and — worse still — they felt that their legitimate complaints were falling on deaf ears.
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The Problem of the Elderly

Fr John Hogan writes on the importance of treating the elderly with love:

As my Irish readers will know, there is a scandal being uncovered in yet another Irish nursing home - one in a leafy, upmarket suburb of Dublin, Rostrevor Nursing Home in Rathgar. According to new reports there are accusations of abuse and mistreatment, so the place has been closed down, the residents are being moved and an official investigation is underway, one which may led to prosecutions.
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Fr. Rutler: A Time for Spies

He writes in Crisis Magazine:

May was flush with the most colorfully camouflaged spy networks in every government, and the Allied bombing of Sicily and Sardinia on May 19 and 20, as prelude to the invasion of Italy, punctuated one of the most celebrated espionage tricks of the war: Operation Mincemeat. As the brainchild of Admiral John Godfrey, director of British naval intelligence, it arranged for a corpse dressed as an airman and laden with bogus documents to be washed ashore in Spain. There followed an almost comic contest between Spanish naval officials and the German Abwehr in Madrid, teased along by the British consul. Intelligence agents working from London included Ewen Montagu, a barrister and son of the immensely wealthy Jewish peer Lord Louis Montagu and a benignly eccentric Oxford geographer; Charles Cholmondeley; and Commander Ian Fleming, codename 17F. After the war, Admiral Godfrey devoted himself to charities and founded the Chelsea Centre for Spastic Children, while muttering that Fleming had used him as the model for James Bond’s “unsavoury” superior “M” in the novels.
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Catholic U Goes With Single Sex Dorms

Kathryn Jean Lopez writes:

Sex & the Single-Sex Dorm. My alma mater goes old school:

Here is one simple step colleges can take to reduce both binge drinking and hooking up: Go back to single-sex residences.
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Catholic Tony Blair Reads Koran Daily

I don't even know what to make of this:

Former UK PM Tony Blair: “I Read The Koran Every Day,” It Keeps Me “Faith-Literate”…
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Shopping for the Right to Privacy

Good post from Ranting Catholic Mom:

I went to our local Playhouse to buy tickets to a musical. The first question out of the mouth of the box-office worker was, "What is your home phone number?" He wanted my name, address, phone number, and email address. Sometimes I think I can't shop anymore with out giving that much information, even for eggs and bread. And I know it's not because I'm cute and they want to call me.
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Russel Crowe: Babies are Perfect But Killable

Twitter seems to get a lot of people in trouble. Or maybe it just reveals how dumb they actually are. Jill Stanek reports this oddity that actor Russel Crowe is against circumcision because it's barbaric or something but pro-abortion:

I really, really like Russell Crowe as an actor.

But as a person Crowe clearly has missing brain synapses that have rendered him a bonehead.

As the Huffington Post reports today, Crowe took to Twitter yesterday [Warning: vulgar] to castigate male circumcision.
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Perry's Pro-Life Record is for Realz

Steven Ertelt of LifeNews.com writes:

Governor Rick Perry of Texas is said to be significantly closer to launching a run for the Republican nomination for president to be able to take on pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

Perry had been leading against launching a bid for the GOP nomination, but suddenly appeared to be springing towards one in the aftermath of several top political staff and aides to Speaker Newt Gingrich deciding to abandon his presidential campaign yesterday. Some of the aides are former Perry staffers or supporters who are said to be returning to Texas to help the governor prepare plans for a presidential campaign.
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Politico Admits Making Up Palin Quotes

Said she attacked Michelle Bachmann:

News outlet Politico has been forced to issue a correction after two authors incorrectly attributed a damning quote to her in an opinion piece.

In an article that pits Palin vs. Rep. Michele Bachmann, authors Paul Goldman and Mark J. Rozell appear to catch Palin slamming Bachmann. Here it is in context, which is the third paragraph in the article:
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Muslim Sues Diocese

She says she was forced to take a lunch break during Ramadan. Oh the horror!

The Diocese of Allentown has found itself the target of a lawsuit that claims a woman was fired for being a Muslim.

Omayma Arafa filed the federal lawsuit against the Diocese in May.

The lawsuit states Arafa, who is a Muslim from Egypt, had no problems as an employee of the Diocese until August 2008, when her supervisor changed.

In the lawsuit, Arafa said her new supervisor, a Monsignor, was not respectful of her religion.
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Meet Birth Control Girl

Jill Stanek writes:

We’ve previously featured Birth Control Girl here, Planned Parenthood’s one weird-looking-woman ad campaign to stop co-pays.

In the future I expect to see Birth Control Girl with Child, since Guttmacher reports 54% of pregnant mothers were using contraceptives the month they got pregnant.
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Man is a Mystery to Himself

Michael Potemra writes of an arrested priest but this isn't just about that. It's pretty interesting and honest:

. . . and that’s why it’s so important that he is an object of God’s care. This is the lesson of the sad story of a Catholic priest who was arrested in Florida on Tuesday. Here’s the story, on the website of the local Fox affiliate:

The sheriff’s office says it happened on a stretch of beach known as a meeting place for gay men looking to have sex. A spokeswoman says there are even web sites that promote the southern end of Caspersen Beach in Venice for such activity.

What happened there yesterday afternoon led to the arrest of Father Bernard Chojnacki, a 36-year-old vicar at the St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church and school in Port Charlotte.
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You Gotta' See What Herman Cain Said

I love this guy. If this guy has press handlers he ain't listening to them.

In an interview Wednesday with CBS News, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain described homosexuality as “a sin” and “a choice.”
Watch the video>>>

You Gotta' See What Chris Matthews Said

This jerk was honored by my Catholic college. Sickening. I guess that it's only "backwards" people who are against tweeting body parts:

Tingles: If Weiner Stays Dems Never Regain House Majority Because Rural, Conservative Christians Who Are Culturally Backwards Don’t Like This Stuff…

The epitome of liberal elitism.
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You Gotta' See What Alec Baldwin Said


Liberal Actor Alec Baldwin Defends Weiner: “He Needed Something To Take The Edge Off”…

We already know how Baldwin “takes the edge off,” by berating his “rude, thoughtless little pig” teenage daughter.
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Not the Candidates You're Looking For

Ranting Catholic Mom writes:

Yes that is a Star Wars reference. Yes I mean the Jedi Mind Trick. And yes, I'm talking about the people whose names always top the list in national polls about GOP Candidates. I will now list the candidates who should drop out so that their money can be used to elect the real nominee:
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Rudy's Running!

Thank goodness a Catholic is running for Prez. Bill Kristol reports that Rudy Giuliani is running.

I'm told by two reliable sources that Rudy Giuliani intends to run for the GOP nomination for president in 2012. He may throw his hat in the ring soon.
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Obama, the Bizarro Midas

Whatever he touches, turns to ...

An Ohio restaurant mentioned last week by President Barack Obama as an indirect beneficiary of the government’s Chrysler bailout will go out of business Sunday after a more than 70-year history.

Co-owner Richard Lawrence of New Chet’s Restaurant in Toledo says business has fallen victim to the economy and the workplace smoking ban approved by Ohio voters in 2006. He told The Blade newspaper of Toledo on Wednesday that auto industry cutbacks also hurt.
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This is Cool

Time lapse video of the sky. I know it sounds trite like something you've seen a million times before but trust me this is pretty cool. Man with Black Hat has the vid:

Time once again for our usual midday Wednesday feature.

For the month of May, photographer Randy Halverson shot Milky Way timelapse in central South Dakota, when he had the time, and the weather cooperated.
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Video: Just Watch Him Lie

Pundette writes Anatomy of a Liar." You really should watch the video just to be sickened as to how easily Weiner lied and presented mock outrage and even attacked the press and played victim. There's something very disturbing about this video:

When you pair El Weiner's performance in the ABC video below with the lewd comments he made to Emily Miller here, you get a portrait of what John Hinderaker calls a very bad man:
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Why Catholics Are Right

Michael Coren writes at The Catholic Thing:

When I first told friends and colleagues about my new book Why Catholics Are Right, they were intrigued by the proposed content but disturbed by the title: “Sounds a little proud”; “Is that sufficiently conciliatory for these progressive and pluralistic days?”; and “You ought to be careful because it might offend people.”

Which is odd. When I suggested to them titles for other books by other people such as Why Liberals Are Right, Why Conservatives Are Right, even Why Muslims Are Right, and especially Why Atheists Are Right, they thought them entirely reasonable and unlikely to cause any problems at all.
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Notre Dame Trustee Resigns!!

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

Nearly a month after The Cardinal Newman Society broke the story that newly elected Notre Dame Board of Trustees member Roxanne M. Martino has contributed thousands of dollars to a pro-abortion organization, the University announced today, June 8, that Martino has resigned from the Notre Dame Board.

A Notre Dame press release says that Martino resigned "in the wake of reports criticizing donations she has made to organizations that characterize themselves as pro-choice."
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Jen F. Is Crazy

This is a hilarious peek into the madness of Jen's brain:

This is not the post that was supposed to be here today. You see, I’d been using my free time to dabble at a reflection about recognizing Christ in others in the modern world. It was shaping up to be halfway holy and interesting. But then I had an idea!

My friend Hallie Lord recently started a thriving little personal shopping business, and I had a flash of inspiration to offer her a trade: She could take the time to do a super quick and easy session with me, and in exchange I could mention it in one of my community bulletin board posts or give her some temporary ad space or something to help her promote it. What a nice tradeoff for a short, easy, fun bit of work for her!
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From Pagan to Catholic

Christie Martin writes of her journey Home:

My conversion to the Catholic Church took about three seconds. I was an arrogant fool sitting in on my very first Mass and watching it like I'd watch a National Geographic nature film. I was analyzing away, "Those pews are so phallic, who are they kidding that this isn't all about a patriarchy?" when I heard something Jewish. A cantor sang the Psalm. It caught my attention and stopped the haughty drift of my thoughts. I began to be interested. What else might they have stolen from the Jews?
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Keeping Catholic Schools Catholic

Duke Cheston (which has to be one of the coolest names I've ever seen) writes at the Pope Center:

For those given to despair over the irreligious bent of much of American higher education today, there isn’t often much to be cheerful about. Institutions like Yale and Duke that once cultivated Christian gentlemen now tend to treat the pursuit of morality as the peculiar and potentially subversive hobby of a few odd groups of odd students.

But not all schools have followed suit. Even among the more influential schools, where secularization seems to pull the hardest, some have managed to hold fast to their spiritual anchoring. These schools stubbornly insist that there really is such a thing as truth and stubbornly insist on advancing it.

In the forefront of this resistance are Catholic colleges, and among the staunchest is the Catholic University of America, located in Washington, D.C.
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Slapped Into Sainthood

Deacon Greg Kandra writes:

On a spring morning in the early 1970s, I found myself in a suburban Maryland church, kneeling before the doughy cardinal Archbishop of Washington, Patrick O'Boyle, as he anointed my brow with chrism and then completed the gesture with something both bracing and bewildering.

He slapped me.
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Weiner Like a Christian Thrown to Lions

Wait. What? This has to be the most convoluted media defense of Weiner I've seen:

Words can’t describe how absurd this is.

Via Weekly Standard:

The sweepstakes to see who can offer up the most ridiculous defense of Anthony Weiner is ongoing, but we have a strong late breaking entry from the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen:
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Feminists Ignore Weiner Scandal

Because some things are more important, I guess. Jill Stanek reports:

What’s more important, abortion or equal rights for women? Though they would have you believe otherwise, liberal feminists do not consider the 2 synonymous. And to answer the question, in case you didn’t know, it’s abortion.

This became glaringly clear when Monica Lewinski’s blue dress (pictured right) caught Bill Clinton red-handed.
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Billboard on Girlfriend's Abortion

Wow. LifeNews.com reports:

A New Mexico man faces a lawsuit form his former girlfriend over a public billboard he paid for that exposed the abortion decision she made and his grief that it robbed him of his child.

Greg Fultz erected the billboard weeks ago with the words, “This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL Our Child!” The billboard shows a picture of Fultz holding an outline of a an infant.
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Italy in Decline

Italians aren't marrying or having children. I wonder how the Vatican will fare in a Muslim dominated Italy.

Sadly, far from the widely accepted traditional model of large, boisterous families, Italian society is rapidly becoming one of singles and two-job, one-child married couples.

Much like the sinking, decaying city of Venice, Italian culture is soon to be no more. The older generation has been referred to as the "last Catholic generation."
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U.S. Episcopal Parish Joins Catholic Church

Welcome home!

It looks like we’re going to be gaining a new Church in the Archdiocese of Washington.

After a period of deep discernment, the rector and parishioners of St. Luke’s Episcopal parish in Bladensburg, Maryland have decided to seek entry into the Roman Catholic Church through a new structure approved by Pope Benedict XVI called an ordinariate. Saint Luke’s is the first church in the Washington metropolitan area to take this step.
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McBrien Questions Pope's Authority

Fr. Z writes:

The National Catholic Fishwrap is still running down Pope Benedict and defending Bp. William Morris, formerly of Toowomba, Australia, present cause célèbre of Catholic liberals.

The latest Fishwrap writer to use the ineffective and doctrinally odd Australian bishop to bash the Holy Father is theological luminary Richard McBrien.
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School Has Student Lobby Dad for $$$

This is disgusting. Especially disgusting is that the school then called it a "writing exercise."

GOP Rep Gets Protest Letter From Daughter In 3rd Grade Asking Him To ‘Please Raise The Budget, Dad’

Rep. Mike Stone, R-Lee, is fuming after receiving a political letter from his daughter for a school assignment.

Mike Stone’s 3rd grade daughter asks the Rep to ‘please raise the budget, dad.’
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Comedian Says He'd Kill Palin

The Blaze reports:

Comedian Titus tells jokes for a living. And in general, they’re supposed to be funny. But is it comedy to joke about killing a possible future president? That’s exactly what he did yesterday when he quipped about hanging out on the “grassy knoll” if Palin is elected in 2012.
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La. State House to Ban Abortion Entirely

Live Action reports:

The Louisiana State House of Representatives is debating a bill this afternoon to ban abortion entirely. The floor debate should take place within the next hour or so. The bill is HB 645.
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D-Day Anniversary. How We Lied to Hitler

Jason from Story Balloon has the vid:

Video – D-Day 67th Anniversary. Check Out How We Lied To Hitler.
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Why We Pray Outside Clinics

You never know who's going to see you. Suzanne at Big Blue Wave links to a great story:

This makes it all worth it. People wonder why we pray and witness outside abortion clinics.

This is it.
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Newsweek Mocks Mormons, Romney

I'm no Romney fan but this cover from Newsweek is way out of bounds, especially for the media who said Obama's church was off limits. Newsbusters has the Newsweek cover:

Is it appropriate to be focusing on a presidential candidate's religion in 2011?

Newsweek certainly thinks it is, and created a cover for its June 13-20 issue prominently highlighting Mitt Romney being a Mormon in a fashion that is guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows:
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Wallis: The Right Hurts the Poor

Weasel Zippers reports:

Lefty ‘Religious Leaders’ Complain About The Right’s ‘Poor Hurting’ Budget. ‘To Be Faithful To God.. We HAVE To Protect Poor People.’

Last I heard of these from faux-religious leaders they were complaining over Glenn Beck’s warnings about social justice.
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Twin Friars Live, Die Together

An amazing story from Faith and Family Live:

I love everything about this story of twin Franciscan friars who spent their entire life together and died together too.
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Jay's Open Letter to Dodge

Uh-oh. They ticked off Jay.

Dear Dodge,

I am a loyal Dodge customer whose 2 most recent vehicle purchases were Dodge Grand Caravans, including one in 2010. I recently viewed with horror your ad that depicts having children as something to be avoided. Just who do you think buys minivans anyway (clue: people with children). Which raises the question of why you feel the need to go out of your way to insult them? Is it going to help you sell these family vehicles by making families feel like personae non gratae?
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Some Positive Polls on Abortion

LifeNews.com reports:

A new poll conducted by Thomson Reuters for NPR, coming after a Gallup survey showing Americans oppose all or most abortions, finds a majority of Americans say having an abortion is wrong.

NPR asked “do you personally believe having an abortion is wrong” and 59.3 percent of Americans polled said yes compared with just 40.7 percent who said no. The youngest age category of those polled, under 35, gave the most pro-life responses with 65.5 percent saying that having an abortion is wrong.
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Weiner's Womanizing Past

Not a surprise and kinda' icky:

Even before the current #Weinergate scandal broke, Rep. Anthony Weiner had quite a history of lewd behavior towards women.

A 2001 Vanity Fair article about a young woman using her sexual proclivity to climb Capitol Hill featured a large section on her interactions with Weiner. In early fall 2001, the New York Democrat introduced himself to a Congressman Mike Rogers staffer, Diana Davis, as an “auto-parts salesman.” He rambled on and on about how politically connected he was and boasted about a trip he was scheduled to take with President George W. Bush to Ground Zero. He was going to fly with the president on Air Force One. Despite his attempt to impress Davis, Weiner couldn’t seal the deal with her that night, so he tried again.
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9 in 10 Americans Believe in God

Hey that's the same amount of dentists that favor Trident.

Ask this question in quickly dying Europe and you’ll get a very different answer.

PRINCETON, NJ — More than 9 in 10 Americans still say “yes” when asked the basic question “Do you believe in God?”; this is down only slightly from the 1940s, when Gallup first asked this question.
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Feds Rule Against Catholic College

Cardinal Newman Society reports:

For the second time this year, a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) regional director has ruled that a Catholic college lacks a substantial religious character. Today The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS) announces its latest publication, “The NLRB’s Assault on Religious Liberty,” to explain the historical context and the gravity of this federal intrusion into Catholic education.
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Dems Too Scared to Produce Budget

Pundette writes:

Jay Carney said the president wanted to meet with the GOP caucus to “hear and listen to their ideas, their concerns.” Mission accomplished, but it wasn't pretty. David Nather of Politico calls it a "smackdown" between President Obama and Rep. Paul Ryan, who says he was just trying to clear up a few misunderstandings about his Medicare plan:
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School Yearbook Compares Bush to Hitler

Gotta' love public schools:

Who says young people aren’t political?

A quasi-scandal has broken out at Arkansas’ Russellville Middle School. The school’s yearbook featured a list of the “Top 5 Worst People of All Time.” Some of the world’s most horrific murderers and maniacs were included: Adolph Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Charles Manson…
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Pregnant Mom Flash Mob

This is pretty cool:

I just read the description of the video over at GodTube. Apparently they did this for the March of Dimes which supports embryonic stem cell research :-/ Still cute.
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NPR on Freezing Egss. Risk? What Risk?

CMR buddy Matthew Balan writes that NPR acts as a cheerleader for freezing eggs but doesn't detail any risks:

On Tuesday's Morning Edition, NPR's Jennifer Ludden all but acted as an proponent of egg donation and freezing to preserve women's fertility, but failed to acknowledge the dangers associated with the donation process, ranging from negative psychological effects to kidney failure and death. Ludden barely touched on other risks to the procedures, such as using them to permit women over 50 become pregnant.
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Chasing Sarah. The Boys on the Bus

Michelle Malkin writes:

In the 1970s, “The Boys on the Bus” exposed how a clubby pack of male political reporters ruled the road to the White House and shaped the news. Four decades later, an outsider gal from Alaska has commandeered the 2012 media bus — and left Beltway journalism insiders eating her dust. We’ve come a long way, baby.
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