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You Cut Population Control

Please go to Jill Stanek's site and then join the effort to cut funding to population control.

How many times have you been forwarded an email to vote on a meaningless opinion poll?

Well, for once, here’s a poll that can really save the lives of preborn children.

This week House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor launched the 2nd phase of the YouCut program.
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Mary De Voe said...

"We have too many people. What are we going to do with them?" "We cannot afford these people. they have to be aborted." Nancy Pelosi Jan 2009. "One person cannot own another person" Abraham Lincoln. "Useless eaters", "human weeds" Margaret Sanger head of Planned Parenthood. Hitler adopted Margaret Sanger's eugenics policy for the final solution. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendel Holmes was ordering individuals to be sterilzed. Instead of protecting their sovereign unalienable civil rights to sexual integrity and physical security Holmes used his power to subjugate the most vulnerable to sexual predation. Legally minor children are now subjugated to being emancipated after being impregnated by adults and it is being called informed sexual consent. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is advocating that informed sexual consent be recognized by the courts for legally minor children whose sexual consent and all consent is held in trust for them by their parents. Informed sexual consent for fourteen year olds does not exist and is an excuse used to feed the abortion industry, making of all sovereign persons grist for the abortion mill. I hope that the good Justice will show us how by being the first to enter the abortion mill to be aborted, followed by Holmes.

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