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WaPo Critic: "Prom" Isn't Dirty Enough

Big Hollywood calls 'em on it:

It’s no stretch to say that Disney’s new film Prom is a squeaky clean affair, but according to Washington Post film critic Sandie Angulo Chen, this is apparently a bad thing. Prompting responses from Newsbusters and Christian Toto, Chen’s piece laments the lack of edge, angst and subversion in Prom, stating that the event is associated in cinema with things like the iconic pig’s blood prank from Carrie, and the race to lose one’s virginity in American Pie. She wonders why there are no violent outcasts or brooding bad boys that smoke cigarettes, as though the House of Mouse is a studio that has a reputation for delivering hard-hitting works of gritty social realism.
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DP said...

She probably wanted the Russians to win in "Miracle," too.

Much more realistic.

Mary De Voe said...

How do I know I am having a good time at the prom if I am modest, maintain my moral integrity, prize my virginity and comport myself as MY FAIR LADY?

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