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Wait, Now Tonto's in Charge

Note to Hollywood elite: If you don't like the old time American heroes then create your own. Stop messing with ours. Weasel Zippers has this ridiculous tale:

Hollywood PC Alert: Johnny Depp Wants to Make Tonto the Leader in New “Lone Ranger” Movie…
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Mary De Voe said...

The Lone Ranger served Justice, (the silver bullet in anonymity) and Tonto served Justice through the Lone Ranger. To change the relationship would diminish or eliminate the love and respect that each had for the other. It is not that the Lone Ranger was in charge, it is that the Lone Ranger saw what needed to be done and did it. Tonto would not have it any other way. If Depp messes this up his A$$ is gra$$. Ahhh, I have seen better impersonations of Johnny Depp than Depp himself. Let Depp keep the relationship in the spirit it is given to maintain the times of the Old West.

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