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Things You Never Thought You'd Say

Sherry has to say some crazy things that make perfect sense to any parent:

“Don’t put stickers on the car door!”

“What are you doing?” to a teenager stuffing an entire tortilla into his mouth in one swoop.

"Why are these here?" asked upon finding six dixie cups of frozen water that now adhere to the floor of the freezer.
“Please, give me the hammer back…Now!”

There are sentences that need no other explanation in the civilized world other than to say, “I am a parent.”
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Jenny said...

"Billy! Stop hitting your brother with that pig!"

"Eat your meat! How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat???"

Yup. We've ALL been there...


Kypapist said...

I do not have any children but once when my 10-year old nephew was coming to spend the night, we stopped at the grocery store and I gave him some money to buy supplies for his new toy dragon. I never thought I'd hear myself saying, "Here's a dollar. Go buy some slime."

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