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Supreme Court: Shut Up Atheists

Weasel Zippers reports:

Atheist’s Lawsuit Against Obama For Adding “So Help Me God” to Inaugural Oath Gets Stiff Arm From Supreme Court…


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is brushing aside an atheist’s challenge to religion in government, refusing to hear a complaint about President Barack Obama adding “so help me God” to his inaugural oath of office.
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Mary De Voe said...

Government as religion, as devil worshipping human sacrificers and fornicators
There is nothing wrong with our government. The individuals running our government are not citizens. Anyone who repudiates our founding principles and our unalienable rights in our Declaration of Independence forfeits his citizenship. They are called “progressives”. At one time they were called “professionals”, Alfred Kinsey who falsified his records, Margaret Meade who made it up as she went along, William Brennan and Harry Blackmun of the US Supreme Court who knew about DNA, discovered in 1953, twenty years before Roe v. Wade and did nothing to protect the genetic blueprint of a legally and morally innocent human being in a mother’s womb. William Brennan and Harry Blackmun must both be recalled and disbarred posthumously.
This is about the sanity of the “progressives”, about their logic, clarity and wisdom. A young person is called “an infant child of the marriage” until eighteen years of age, until legal emancipation, that is when the court deems a person able to care for herself, make informed consent to contracts, vote, enter the armed forces, drink, drive and/or buy cigarettes. If a child of fourteen or sixteen years of age is deemed by the court able to care for herself and give informed sexual consent , becomes pregnant, is later emancipated because of this pregnancy, why does she become a ward of the court except perhaps because this young person is not able to care for herself. Serpentine reasoning.
The court cannot take possession of an infant child of a marriage and make her a ward of the court unless the court proves criminal negligence on the part of the parents. Making an infant child of a marriage a ward of the court because of a pregnancy caused by her failure to give INFORMED sexual consent endowed by the court to minor children, is a criminal ways to fill abortion mills. The parents did not give informed sexual consent to their children before the age of emancipation, why has the court, except to encourage fornication, promiscuity, violate virginity, desolate innocence, deny civil rights and endowed unalienable rights to the physical and spiritual integrity of the infant children of marriage. In other words, the court is guilty of legal kidnapping, pirating of parental rights and establishment of the worship of the devil, all criminal acts. The chief form of worship of the devil and the devil’s demons is fornication and now, human sacrifice in the form of abortion. Having booted Ruth Bader Ginsberg to the Supreme Court is a public display of evidence enough that our government is establishing the worship of idols, (Idols is a nice way of saying demons. Molech and other child-eating demons), and not representing its constituents, overflowing with liars, criminal aliens and non-citizens without the decency of working for the common good.Ruth Bader Ginsberg, once chief counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, professor of law at Rutgers University in New Jersey and now Supreme Court Justice wrote in her book that all fourteen year old girls ought to be sexually free to give informed sexual consent. When the girl becomes pregnant, she automatically petitions the court for emancipation. So, here is an infant child of a marriage endowed by the court with the ability to give informed sexual consent and become emancipated, at fourteen years of age, and because of the pregnancy, the girl is made a ward of the court and put in the guardianship of the abortionist. This is all done without the will of the people, in arrogance against the common good by the progressives who have paved the way to extinction for our once great and prosperous nation and our posterity.
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