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Reason to Homeschool #7459

Oh boy:

School Teaching Kindergartners That There Are More Than Two Genders

Redwood Heights Elementary School will be teaching children in grades kindergarten through fifth that there are more than two genders. The two days calendared for this are entitled "Gender Spectrum Diversity Training."
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Mack Hall said...

Reason to teach your children #7460 -- there is no such construct, verb or noun, as "homeschool." A good parent teaches his children; he does not "homeschool" them. Avoid people and organizations who employ this unhappy and ineffective neologism.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that there are still some solid Catholic schools out there.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that there are still some solid Catholic schools out there.

Anonymous said...

"Gender" refers to something very different to "sex".

Gender is is a personal or social manifestation that may or may not relate to biological sex. Before you trash this for being wishy washy liberal ideology, or something like that, remember that there are many people who are genuinely biologically intersex, not just in terms of their outer genitalia, but also in terms of their chromosomes. Previous medical attempts to 'assign' a gender to such individuals has proved to have deleterious psychological consequences, and often, as gender cannot by physically determined, the best course is to allow such individuals to grow up and made decisions about their gender identity which can then be acted upon medically.

For the parents of an intersex child and for the children themselves, to have peers who have some kind of understanding that gender may exist on a spectrum might help to mitigate the notorious cruelty of small children towards those who are different.

This is entirely ignoring the vast variety of gender identity disorders, or indeed, the fact that many cultures construe gender identities very differently...

priest's wife said...

Mack Hall--- language is arbitrary & conventional- so 'homeschool' is becoming a word (if the NY Times uses it, it is a word- whether we like it or not)--- I understand what you are saying, I try to use words like learn, educate, etc- but it seems sort of silly to say teaching room or learning room, but I will try to start

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