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Palin: "I Love That Smell of the Emissions"

This is great video of Sarah kicking off the Rolling Thunder rally where she drops this soon to be immortal line that will make liberal brains explode. Freedom's Lighthouse has the vid:

Here is video of Sarah Palin at the “Rolling Thunder” Rally in Washington D.C. today. Palin rode in on the back of a motorcyle, and in the video above, was asked if “all the events” on her bus tour will be “as loud” as Rolling Thunder. Palin responded:
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Personal Home Inspector said...

How about some substance, debate, or at least some word salad. Appearing on the Public catwalk is not a campaign or even the slightest suggestion of one. This is nothing more than look at me me me. Might work for the stupid baggers but that won't get you elected. Quit trying to sell a Fake image and give us some more laughs. You can run but you can't hide. Waiting for the meltdown. Should be entertaining.

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