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Minister Sues to Mention Jesus

Sheesh. What a name dropper.

The PC police have struck again. This time in Houston, Texas where a minister is suing the Veteran’s Affairs Department to be able to refer to Jesus on Memorial Day at the Houston National Cemetery.
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Mary De Voe said...

Jesus Christ is a sovereign person, who is a citizen of the whole world. To deny Jesus Christ’s name in public is to impugn Christ’s legal innocence and therefore, every man’s salvation since only a perfectly innocent man could lay down His life for sinners. Jesus would have had to die for His own sins, not ours. Only criminal behavior proved in a court of law can diminish citizenship, yours, mine and ours. Also, The public place is owned in joint and common tenancy, in part and in whole, by each and every citizen, you own it all and I own it all. Government does not own any of it. but administers it for its constituents, whose sovereign personhood constitutes the government. Sovereign personhood is endowed by our Creator along with unalienable rights,when God wills each person into existence. These are our founding principles inscribed in our Declaration of Independence. Any person who repudiates these founding principles repudiates his citizenship in our nation and has no legal standing in a court of law. Any person who would deny another sovereign person civil rights denies his own civil rights. Only TRUTH has freedom of religion, speech, press and peaceable assembly. Christ is the TRUTH, the Life and the WAY, everything else is perjury in a court of law.
Christ our King is risen from the dead. Allelujia.
To deny the Cross or the mention of Jesus Christ at a memorial prayer service is to deny the fallen soldiers their freedom of speech, the silent language of the dead, recognition of the sign language of the sacrifice they made. These fallen must be spoken for and all citizens speak for them, to deny all citizens freedom of speech for our fallen soldiers is the ultimate ingratitutde.
If the burning of the American Flag is freedom of speech as the Supreme Court has declared, so is the cross and Christ’s name.
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