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I Didn't Know There'd Be Math

Jimmy Akin must be pretty darn smart. He's trying to figure out the year of Christ's birth. I tried to follow it but I passed out twice and wet myself the second time. I'm going to assume he's onto something:

A few days ago I blogged about my discovery that the Christmas Proclamation of the Birth of Christ has a not-so-great translation in the United States.

The same day I made that unfortunate discovery, I also made a fortunate one!

As I mentioned previously, we have multiple lines of evidence converging to show that Jesus was born in the year 3/2 B.C.

There are multiple sources from the early Church (around a dozen) that show this to be the case. While there are a tiny number of sources suggesting other years, the overwhelming majority indicate 3/2 B.C. as being the correct time frame for Our Lord's birth.
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