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Gov't Workers Watch Boy Drown?

This is just way too disturbing to contemplate. I believe it but I just can't believe it -if you know what I mean. Right Wing News has the story:

If you’re in danger of drowning, hope that there’s someone around to save you who doesn’t work for the government. From Everett, Washington:

Witnesses say 13-year-old Austin Anglin was trapped underneath his family’s boat for about 40 agonizing minutes before Coast Guard crews pulled him out of the water. For at least some of that time boats from several agencies could do little more than sit and watch, frustrating his helpless loved ones.
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Mary De Voe said...

One can break any law to save a life. Love thy neighbor as thyself.
Where is Justice when one can kill another human being for the crimes and sins of his parents. Abortionists and other tyrants cannot allow that one can break any law to save a life.

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