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Dearborn Violated Free Speech

Good news. You're still allowed to be Christian in Dearbornistan:

An update from last year’s post on this issue: 4 arrested for being Christians on public street in Dearborn arraigned on charges of “disturbing the peace”. In Dearborn – aka Dearbornistan – it is considered ‘disturbing the peace’ to be standing on a public street proclaiming that you are a Christian.
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Anonymous said...

One wonders how such an egregious violation had to be decided in an appeals court?

Worse yet, the decision was 2 to 1 meaning a jurist agreed with this totalitarian response of the local government.

The Police Chief's name is Ronald Haddad? That sound pretty much like an Arab Christian name, if I am not mistaken? Curious.

Very frightening but not surprising in this country any more. We are well along the slippery slope to destruction.

Welcome to the splintered Christendom, folks. We get what we deserve.

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