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The Media on Dem Sex Scandals

This is hilarious. In light of Weinergate, the media starts defending why it's not covering the story. But this defense by CNN's Howard Kurtz has to be the worst defense ever. Newsbusters has the story:

CNN media analyst Howard Kurtz on Monday offered Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Eliot Spitzer as examples of how the press don't give Democrats the benefit of the doubt when it comes to sex scandals.

Responding to questions about why the media have either ignored or taken sides on this weekend's brouhaha surrounding Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), Kurtz sent the following absurd message via Twitter:
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Pakistan - Christian Woman Gang Raped

Tombs desecrated. Please pray for all Christians in Muslim dominated countries.

Christian tombs were recently desecrated and a young Christian woman was gang-raped for an entire night. In both cases, police refused to file a First Information Report, allowing the culprits to escape justice. These are examples of the ordinary violence visited upon Pakistan’s Christian minority. Whether it involves Christian-owned land and property or individuals who are targeted because they are defenceless, victims will not find justice with the country’s legal system. Gradually, Pakistan’s ‘Islamisation’ slowly progresses, especially in the densely populated province of Punjab.
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Prayers for Rachel and Family, Please

One of our favorite bloggers Rachel Balducci is in the E.R. with her daughters. If you have a moment please say a prayer:

We are at the hospital with Isabel. We’ve been in the emergency room all day and have been admitted to spend the night. Isabel woke up this morning with her eye swollen shut, no sign of a bug bite. She doesn’t seem to be agitated by the eye, but we are now doing iv meds overnight with the hopes of avoiding a CT scan in the morning.
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Palin: "I Love That Smell of the Emissions"

This is great video of Sarah kicking off the Rolling Thunder rally where she drops this soon to be immortal line that will make liberal brains explode. Freedom's Lighthouse has the vid:

Here is video of Sarah Palin at the “Rolling Thunder” Rally in Washington D.C. today. Palin rode in on the back of a motorcyle, and in the video above, was asked if “all the events” on her bus tour will be “as loud” as Rolling Thunder. Palin responded:
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Dearborn Violated Free Speech

Good news. You're still allowed to be Christian in Dearbornistan:

An update from last year’s post on this issue: 4 arrested for being Christians on public street in Dearborn arraigned on charges of “disturbing the peace”. In Dearborn – aka Dearbornistan – it is considered ‘disturbing the peace’ to be standing on a public street proclaiming that you are a Christian.
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18 Wild Facts about China

Kinda' scary stuff from Business Insider:

For all the crazy stories you've heard about China, the world's biggest country is going to keep blowing your mind.

The speed and size of economic development going in China right now has never happened before. In just ten years, a small emerging market has transformed into a geopolitical bruiser that can go toe-to-toe with Ben Bernanke.

Like it or not, China plays a critical role in the global economy from here out. Let's hope it hope doesn't crash.
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Palin: Borrow from China to Aid Terror?

How come Sarah Palin always seems to be asking the right questions when nobody else is saying anything? Gateway Pundit has the story:

Sarah Palin asked about Obama’s strange foreign policy of borrowing money from the Chinese to pay to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
From Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page:

Should we be borrowing money from China to turn around and give it to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Given that we are running massive deficits and are drowning in more than $14 trillion in debt, and despite not knowing who will rule Egypt until its election this fall, this strange strategy may be the end result given President Obama’s announcement that he is committing $2 billion to Egypt’s “new government.”
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Minister Sues to Mention Jesus

Sheesh. What a name dropper.

The PC police have struck again. This time in Houston, Texas where a minister is suing the Veteran’s Affairs Department to be able to refer to Jesus on Memorial Day at the Houston National Cemetery.
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Hannah Montana vs. Rick Santorum

Calls him out for being anti-gay. Seems weird to me because all those young Disney stars all seem to have their heads on so straight. Hey, anyone seen Lindsey Lohan lately?

Even Miley Cyrus is getting in on the 2012 action. In a reaction to a recent controversy over retailer Urban Outfitters allegedly copying jewelry designs, Cryus last night aired her criticism of UO President Richard Hayne’s campaign contributions to former Senator Rick Santorum.

“IF WE ALLOW GAY MARRIAGE NEXT THING U KNOW PEOPLE WILL BE MARRYING GOLD FISH’ – Rick Santorum UO contributed $13,000 to this mans campaign” the singer and Hannah Montana star tweeted, in an apparent reference to the former Senator’s famous “man on dog” remark.
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The Rapture: The Roe Effect in Reverse

This is unbelievable. Someone polled how the rapture would effect the election. Troglopundit has the story:

This is exactly the kind of wild speculation that drew me to blogging in the first place.

Public Policy Polling: if the Rapture had happened, how would that affect the Presidential race?
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I Wouldn't Mind a Little "Heresy" Right Now

CMR condolences:

Joe Feuerherd, the publisher of The National Catholic Reporter, died this morning after a battle with cancer.

I first met Joe after I talked about WFB and the role Catholicism played in his public life at a conference at Portsmouth Abbey in Rhode Island. Joe was kind and generous, fond of Bill and NR, and a reader of where you are right now.
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To the Woman Who Cut My Daughter's Hair

I went through something similar to this. It made me mucho mad. Elizabeth nailed my thoughts:

You blew it. For weeks, she had been looking forward to that haircut. A little pampering, a chance to perk up and feel pretty, it was to be a big day out. She has very long hair and haircuts are rare treats. She looked at hundreds of pictures, pondering this possiblity or that. You were one of several people we considered to undertake the task. Since you had done a darling job with Katie's hair a couple of years ago and you are close by and affordable, we decided to take a chance.
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Rick Perry Signs Sonogram Bill

Interesting news from a possible Presidential candidate:

New Texas Las Mandates Sonograms Before Abortions
This is good news.

Austin – Texas Governor Rick Perry Thursday signed into law a measure requiring women seeking an abortion in the state to first get a sonogram.

Texas is one of several U.S. states with strong Republican legislative majorities proposing new restrictions on abortion this year. The Republican governor had designated the bill as an emergency legislative priority, putting it on a fast track.
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Hitler's Army of Talking Dogs

Mary Meets Dolly writes:

One of the movements that scares me the most is the radical environmentalism that views humanity as a blight on the planet and that openly and not so openly desires the elinimation of mankind to better the rest of the earth. I believe the idea that we should prize animals and nature over human life is more prevalent than the average person realizes. It is a dangerous precedent to value human lives less than that of others in the animal kingdom. There was another culture that did just that. It was Nazi Germany. I was reminded of the animal loving Nazi's when I read this article about Hitler's attempt to create an army of talking dogs:
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Disposable Lives

Pundette writes:

"I thirst":

Doctors [in the UK] are prescribing drinking water for neglected elderly patients to stop them dying of thirst in hospital.

The measure – to remind nurses of the most basic necessity – is revealed in a damning report on pensioner care in NHS wards.
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1st Active Duty Blind Officer Thanks God

This is a pretty amazing story from The Christophers:

he Christophers announced today that Captain Scotty Smiley - the U.S. Army’s first blind active-duty officer and the current commander of the Warrior Transition Unit for ailing or wounded soldiers at West Point - will receive the 2011 Christopher Leadership Award during its 62nd Christopher Awards ceremony on Thursday, May 19.
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Is This Ad Racist? Really? (Link Fixed)

You've gotta' see what's being called racist now:

It’s Come To This: Dove Soap Ad Accused of Being “Racist”…

Good grief.
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Planned Parenthood Defunding Roundup

Live Action reports that more states may defund Big Abortion:

It’s been an exciting 10 days or so for defunding Planned Parenthood on the state level. Indiana made history last week as the first state to end taxpayer subsidies of Planned Parenthood (to the tune of $3 million). Planned Parenthood sued for an injunction to block the law from taking effect–as if they were entitled to Hoosiers’ money–which a federal judge promptly rejected, allowing the defunding to commence immediately.

On Wednesday, we learned that Kansas is joining Indiana to become the second state defunding Planned Parenthood–in this case, stripping a little over $300,000 the abortion chain had been receiving from Title X.
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Bishop Consecrates Cemetery for Unborn

Badger Catholic has the story:

Bishop Morlino consecrates cemetery for the unborn

Tonight, 300 people joined Bishop Morlino in a unique celebration of life and also of loss. The Miracle of Life Rosary Garden, constructed on the grounds of St. Mary of Pine Bluff (3673 County Road P, Cross Plains) was consecrated May 24 as a sacred place to bury babies lost before birth.
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Obama Scared of Christie

Sofia thinks Obama's scared:

Back off of my Guv! Whatsa matter Prez, scared of our Jersey boy?

Obama digging up dirt on potential opponent Chris Christie

Despite New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s repeated pronouncements that he will not seek the GOP presidential nomination, Obama operatives are compiling a dossier of what they call “opposition research” — material that could be used to damage Christie if he changes his mind, The Post has learned.
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Genderless Child, Brainless Parents

LarryD has the story. And it's a doozy:

A story of a father and a mother and their innocent child that will ultimately suffer as a result of their stupidity.

From ParentCentral.ca: Parents Keep Child's Gender Secret
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I found a headline the other day on Pewsitter and then wrote about it but I totally forgot to hat tip him. So I'll assuage my conscience by reminding you that Pewsitter has lots of great links.

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20 and Engaged!?

Great piece by Elizabeth Hanna in Crisis Magazine:

With my 21st birthday just a few weeks away, it is expected that I plan a blowout party with copious amounts of alcohol, as my friends compile a list of 21 dares for me to complete while downtown — you know, kiss 21 guys, dance on a table, take a birthday shot, etc. Instead, I’m planning my wedding.

[Pause for disapproval.]

Yes, I’m getting married in a year. And no, I’m not pregnant or at risk of that. I have no ulterior motives. I’m taking this step because I’ve found the man I want — and ought — to spend the rest of my life with, and I’m ready.
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Reason to Homeschool #7459

Oh boy:

School Teaching Kindergartners That There Are More Than Two Genders

Redwood Heights Elementary School will be teaching children in grades kindergarten through fifth that there are more than two genders. The two days calendared for this are entitled "Gender Spectrum Diversity Training."
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National Voter ID Law?

We can't just keep letting Democrats steal elections, can we? Wintery Knight has more:

On Thursday, the Wisconsin legislature sent a bill requiring photographic identification for voting to Gov. Scott Walker’s desk. This follows the enactment of an even stricter law in Kansas a few weeks ago.
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Let's Remember Leftist Doomsdays

Dennis Prager writes:

It appears that The Rapture leading to the end of the world predicted by a Christian radio broadcaster for this past Saturday, May 21, did not take place. And the failure was covered worldwide. A Google search on Saturday evening yielded over 32,000 articles — in English alone — in the world media.

The secular, especially the anti-religious, Left enjoys these spectacles of religious foolishness. They seem to confirm not only how absurd these end-of-days predictions are, but how absurd religion is in general.

But the Left should not laugh too loudly.
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Dean: Right Wing Hates Muslims and Gays

This guy was head of the DNC.

Howard Dean: Far-Right Hates Muslims, Gays And Immigrants.
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Obama Sides with Big Abortion vs. Indiana

Here we go:

Obama Regime Considers Taking Action to Stop Indiana From Defunding Planned Parenthood…

Unbelievable. Scratch that, it’s all too believable.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is raising serious objections to a new Indiana law that cuts off state and federal money for Planned Parenthood clinics providing health care to low-income women on Medicaid.
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Supreme Court: Release 32,000 Inmates!

This seem like a bad idea to anyone else?:

Supreme Court Order California to Release 32,000 Prison Inmates to . . . Improve Health Care…

What the? 32,000 inmates is equivalent to 22% of the current prison population being dumped into California communities to wreak untold havoc.
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Gallup's New Abortion Numbers Mixed

Hot Air reports:

Gallup has polled on abortion for decades, ever since Roe v Wade overturned state bans on the procedure. Two years ago, Gallup f0und that the pro-life position had taken a majority for the first time (51/42), but retreated somewhat in 2010 to a narrow 47/45 plurality. Their latest poll, released today, gives the pro-choice position a plurality edge for the first time in three years:
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Pawlenty's Video Announcement

Freedom's Lighthouse has the vid. I don't know what to think about this guy yet:

Here is video of an ad released by Tim Pawlenty tonight in which he announces he is running for President of the United States. Pawlenty will make the official announcement tomorrow in Iowa at a Town Hall Style Meeting.

A different kind of approach to an announcement ad. He closes with a good line – “Together, we’ll change our country, and this time — it’ll be for the better.”

What do you think of Pawlenty’s ad?
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Notre Dame Board Member Pro-Abortion?

A disturbing report:

Sycamore Trust has discovered that the contributions of Roxanne M. Martino, the new Notre Dame Trustee, to the stridently pro-abortion Emily’s List are even more extensive than previously reported. What's more, we've learned that the Chairman of the Board has assured the other Board members that Ms. Martino didn’t know what she was doing. Will the Board members and the Fellows who elected Mrs. Martino accept this patently bogus explanation?
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Paul Ryan and Abp. Dolan on Social Teaching

Kathryn Lopez writes:

Catholic university professors last week engaged in a tired broadside against Speaker of the House John Boehner as he was set to deliver the commencement speech at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

This week, something much more constructive: The public presentation of an ongoing dialogue between Paul Ryan, a Catholic from Wisconsin, who is the House Budget committee chairman, and Archbishop Timothy Dolan, the president of the Catholic bishop’s conference, about Catholic social teaching and its application to the current budget debate.
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Cdl. Burke on Self Centered Liturgy

EWTN News reports:

Cardinal Raymond L. Burke delivered a lecture on what he calls a nearly 50-year trend of self-centered liturgy last week at the Thomistic Institute in Washington, D.C.

“In the time since the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, but certainly not because of the teaching of the council, there has been exaggerated attention on the human aspect of the sacred liturgy,” said the high ranking Vatican official in his May 11 address.
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Chez Ouiz writes about OCD and GOD:

Ever have one of those moments when the veil lifts, so to speak, and you catch a glimpse – however fleeting – of what God is doing?

I had one of those moments a few weeks ago.

Those who know me IRL or those who have been reading this blog for awhile know that I deal a lot with fear and panic. My brain tends to go to the worst case scenario right away, and I have to talk myself down from the ledge quite often.

Trust is something I have great difficulty with, obviously.
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Things You Never Thought You'd Say

Sherry has to say some crazy things that make perfect sense to any parent:

“Don’t put stickers on the car door!”

“What are you doing?” to a teenager stuffing an entire tortilla into his mouth in one swoop.

"Why are these here?" asked upon finding six dixie cups of frozen water that now adhere to the floor of the freezer.
“Please, give me the hammer back…Now!”

There are sentences that need no other explanation in the civilized world other than to say, “I am a parent.”
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"Lavender Commencement?"

Gotta' love Georgetown. Cardinal Newman Society reports:

Ever hear of a “lavender commencement”?

For some Catholic college students, gone are the days of traditional pomp and circumstance. On May 2, homosexual students at the nation’s oldest Catholic university cheered anti-homophobia remarks from the director of the campus LBGTQ (lesbian-bisexual-gay-transgender-queer) Resource Center and paraded around campus with a rainbow flag.
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Same Sex Divorce Rates

The Ruth Institute has the numbers:

Same sex couples have had the legal right to form domestic partnerships in several European countries. Denmark was the first to introduce registered partnerships, in 1989. Norway was second, in 1993, then Sweden in 1995. Data from 2 of these landmark countries, Norway and Sweden, as well as California, have been studied enough to answer this question:

What types of unions have the highest rates of divorce?
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Palin's "Family Considerations" Stop Run?

Sarah says she has "Fire in the belly" though. Check out the vid for yourself at Freedom's Lighthouse:

Sarah Palin Tells Greta: “I Have that Fire in My Belly” to Run for President; Family Considerations Weigh Heavily.
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Rabbi: Obama Asking for Ethnic Cleansing

CNS News reports:

President Barack Obama has made an unprecedented demand on Israel, Jewish leaders said Thursday, after the president called for Israel to redraw its borders to where they were in 1967 before the Six Day War. One rabbi said Obama was, in essence, asking for "ethnic cleansing" of thousands of Jewish families.
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Finding Marizela

Michelle Malkin writes:

There’s a lot that’s been going on behind the scenes over the past two months since my cousin Marizela Perez disappeared from the University District in Seattle on March 5, 2011. As I mentioned last week, we gathered in Seattle on Mother’s Day for a community fundraiser and benefit concert/auction. There will be another South Jersey fundraiser/bake sale/raffle on May 22. Details here.

The Seattle Times has just posted a front-page piece by reporter Christine Clarridge on Marizela’s case and the plight of other families with missing young adults. Read it here. The story provides an in-depth, compassionate, and candid look at what parents go through in cases where the police have not found evidence of foul play. Suicide has been a primary assumption on the part of the police. But the case of young Joyce Chiang — whose death 12 years ago was just reclassified last week as a homicide by Washington police who mistakenly insisted the case was a suicide — shows the dangers of locking into assumptions without thoroughly investigating all leads.
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Is Obama Anti-Israel?

John at Powerline thinks so:

President Obama delivered a speech on the Middle East at the State Department today. If one takes it seriously, it signified--with one key exception--Obama's transformation into a virtual clone of his predecessor. President Bush's democracy agenda, which Obama once scornfully rejected, has now been adopted as Obama's own:
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This is Why You Shouldn't Smoke Pot


Tuesday: Willie Nelson Endorses Gary Johnson For President. Wednesday: Withdraws Endorsement Because He Forgot He Already Endorsed Dennis Kucinich
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San Fran Circumcision Ban Coming

So it's ok to rip babies apart in the womb but circumcision is being banned. Story Balloon has the video:

Not happy with banning meat one day a week, San Fran’s nutty community is looking at banning circumcision.
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Palin: Gregory's Question Was Racist

The Daily Caller has the story:

When NBC “Meet the Press” host David Gregory asked former House Speaker Newt Gingrich whether he infused racism into a recent speech by referring to President Barack Obama as “the most successful food stamp president in American history,” Gregory raised a line of attack that had only previously been used by MSNBC and other left-leaning outlets, much to the chagrin of many conservative critics.

And one of those critics was former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. On Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on Wednesday, Palin offered her views on Gregory’s question. Her assessment: Gregory is the one displaying racism.
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Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/05/18/palin-declares-meet-the-press-host-david-gregorys-question-to-gingrich-racist/#ixzz1MoSx1o2K


Ick. This is kind of sickening. They're so clearly pushing the "gutsy" meme and the lapdog media licks it up in a sickening way:

The Gutsy Caller-in-Chief

Because they can’t use “He was a community organizer” for the 2012 campaign.
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Arwen's Twins!

Arwen Mosher's got twins. All doing well. Check in at Faith and Family Live:

Hi everyone! My babies will be a week old at 12:30am tonight, and I haven’t gotten a chance to update here, but I thought you all might like to know what’s going on.

Linus and Ambrose were born at 34 weeks, 3 days gestation. They’ve been in the NICU since then. They are doing as well as can reasonably be expected for babies their age, but they will still be in the hospital a while, growing and learning to eat.
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Kagan Created Legal Defense of Obamacare

She should recuse herself. Now. The Daily Caller reports:

Newly released documents reveal Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was more involved with President Obama’s health-care law than she disclosed previously. The documents likely will lead to a revival of questions about whether the Kagan should recuse herself from future cases.
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Peter King May Run for President?

Would he win his home state?


(The Hill) – House GOP Rep. Pete King (N.Y.) tells The Hill that he’s focused on getting reelected to Congress but won’t rule out a run for the White House.

King explained on Wednesday that a powerful local GOP official, Joseph Mondello, suggested that the outspoken House Homeland Security Committee chairman run for commander-in-chief at a dinner on Tuesday night.
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Docs Refuse to Treat Overweight Patients

CNS News reports:

From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Fifteen obstetrics-gynecology practices out of 105 polled by the Sun Sentinel said they have set weight limits for new patients. Some of the doctors said the main reason was their exam tables or other equipment can't handle people over a certain weight, but at least six said heavy women run a higher risk of complications.

"People don't realize the risk we're taking by taking care of these patients," the newspaper quoted Dr. Albert Triana of South Miami as saying. "There's more risk of something going wrong and more risk of getting sued. Everything is more complicated with an obese patient in GYN surgeries and in [pregnancies]," he told the newspaper.
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Palin: Waivers are "Unflippingbelievable!"

This is why we love Sarah Palin:

In response to the revelation that about 20 percent of the latest slew of Obamacare waivers went to luxurious restaurants, nightclubs and hotels in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s district, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told The Daily Caller the waiver process is “corrupt.”

“Unflippingbelievable! No, wait, it is believable,” Palin said in an email to TheDC. “Seriously, this is corrupt. And anyone who still supports the Pelosi-Reid-Obama agenda of centralized government takeovers of the free market and the corresponding crony capitalism is, in my book, complicit.”
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Blood Test Says How Fast You're Aging

The BlogProf writes:

"A blood test that can show how fast someone is ageing" and how long you will live
Interesting. Although it does bring up an interesting question: would you want to know? From The UK Independent: The £400 test that tells you how long you'll live
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Bible Scholar: New Testament Forged!!!

Oh boy.

Did you know:

* At least 11 of the 27 New Testament books are forgeries.
* The New Testament books attributed to Jesus’ disciples could not have been written by them because they were illiterate.
* Many of the New Testament’s forgeries were manufactured by early Christian leaders trying to settle theological feuds.
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Iraqi Christian Beheaded


Iraqi Christian Found Tortured and Murdered by Islamist Kidnappers – Update: Man Was Beheaded…


Kirkuk, Iraq — The body of an Iraqi Christian, kidnapped three days ago, was found in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, police sources said Monday.
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My Beef With Holden Caulfield

Fr. Damian J. Ference takes on Catcher in the Rye at Dappled Things.

Because I went to Catholic high school, and because I really didn’t begin to read for pleasure until my sophomore year of college, I was late in coming to meet J.D. Salinger’s character, Holden Caulfield. My public school friends met Holden in their junior year of high school, and some of them still swear that The Catcher in the Rye is the best book they’ve ever read. I even recall reading an interview a few years ago of Slash, the former guitarist from Guns N’ Roses (and high school drop-out), who insisted that reading Catcher changed his life, as he found in Holden the only character that ever seemed to relate to his own awkward experience of adolescence.
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Newt vs. Ryan

Not that I was ever under him but I'm over Newt. Pundette writes:

It's not as though I had any use for Newt Gingrich as president to begin with, but these statements, as reported by Andrew Stiles, will reinforce the widespread belief among conservatives that he's the wrong man for the job. He need not agree with all the specifics of Rep. Paul Ryan's plan, but any viable GOP candidate needs to hold and convey a genuine sense of urgency regarding the country's dire fiscal straits. Newt doesn't seem to get it:
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Supreme Court: Shut Up Atheists

Weasel Zippers reports:

Atheist’s Lawsuit Against Obama For Adding “So Help Me God” to Inaugural Oath Gets Stiff Arm From Supreme Court…


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is brushing aside an atheist’s challenge to religion in government, refusing to hear a complaint about President Barack Obama adding “so help me God” to his inaugural oath of office.
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Newt, The Church, and Spousal Abandonment

Hilary Towers writes:

As we approach the presidential election of 2012 there is a crisis in this country about which few are talking. It’s not about politics or economic trends. It has nothing to do with the price of oil or reformation of the tax code. This crisis receives no coverage in the press because it isn’t politically correct subject matter. And so far it has gone unacknowledged and unaddressed by the leadership of the Catholic Church, whose teachings and beliefs are directly implicated in its outcome.
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NASA Busted Faking Climate Data...Again!

Big Government reports:

One of the big threats from the global warming moonbat types is that a rise in temperature will melt the polar ice caps causing the oceans to rise, with the cataclysmic result of skyscrapers being under water. Let’s face it, if you think that the commute into Manhattan is bad now….just wait.
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Anti-Christian Violence Escalates in Egypt

The Arab Spring is looking awfully bloody:

We all knew things would get worse for Egypt’s Christians after Mubarak was toppled, the speed at which it’s happening is growing scarier by the day.

An Egyptian security official says an angry mob attacked a group of mainly Christian protesters demanding drastic measures to heal religious tensions, and scores of people have been injured.

Hundreds of protesters have been holding a sit-in outside the state television building for nearly a week, blocking traffic.
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Hey, Where'd the 4th Amendment Go?

Hot Air:

Indiana Supreme Court rules Hoosiers have no right to resist unlawful entry of their homes by police

No, you read it right. That’s what the Indiana Supreme Court decided in what would be a laughable finding if it wasn’t so serious:
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10 Reasons Pro-Lifers Will Win (Eventually)

Great list from CMR buddy Marcel:

Reason #1 - We have truth on our side.

Reason #2 - Death isn't attractive and doesn't sell.

Reason #3 - Technology. Every time a new technology allows us to see babies more clearly or help them survive outside of the womb earlier, we win.
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"The Shining" as a Romantic Comedy

This is pretty awesome. Man with Black Hat has the "trailer."

Imagine, if you will, that a certain movie based upon a Stephen King novel were remixed as a romantic comedy.
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You Cut Population Control

Please go to Jill Stanek's site and then join the effort to cut funding to population control.

How many times have you been forwarded an email to vote on a meaningless opinion poll?

Well, for once, here’s a poll that can really save the lives of preborn children.

This week House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor launched the 2nd phase of the YouCut program.
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Another Fake Hate Crime

Marquette Warrior reports:

Many campuses experience bigoted incidents of various types, but for many years now, hoaxes have emerged as well. Typically these cases involve undergraduates who make charges and — after some period of time — are found to have faked whatever it is they said happened to them. The fake hate crimes tend to frustrate just about everybody on campus. Minority students worry that truthful complaints in the future will be doubted. College officials bemoan wasted time and money investigating a fake report, and damage done to the reputation of the institution or individuals.
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Hey, Aaron Rodgers is Pro-Life

I kinda' always liked him because he seemed like a good guy but now I'm sure. Pro-Life Wisconsin reports:

Pro-life dinners are the best kind. You’re among friends who hold the same belief – that all life is sacred and should be protected.

Friday, May 7 was no different in Green Bay. A & A Alexandrina Center, a crisis pregnancy center in Green Bay, held their annual dinner auction fundraiser at the KI Convention Center.
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Hey, Simcha's Pregnant!

Simcha Fisher has some snappy answers to stupid questions about your big family. She is hilarious:

Guess what? I’m having a baby. Yes, another baby. Why? Because once you find something you’re good at, you stick with it.

Congratulations are welcome! Comments of “Die now, mindless breeder” will be dealt with appropriately. My baby, God willing, is not going anywhere, whether you approve of this pregnancy or not; so if you say something nasty, you’re just making me all the more determined to improve the world with even more pretty babies. So there.
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Pelosi Turns on Jesuit Chaplain

Under the bus he goes.

There is a Roll Call story today that suggests that bad vetting went into the nomination of a new chaplain in the House, Fr. Pat Conroy. It also suggests that Nancy Pelosi is all too willing to throw the good priest under the Beltway bus, as they say.
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Gov't Workers Watch Boy Drown?

This is just way too disturbing to contemplate. I believe it but I just can't believe it -if you know what I mean. Right Wing News has the story:

If you’re in danger of drowning, hope that there’s someone around to save you who doesn’t work for the government. From Everett, Washington:

Witnesses say 13-year-old Austin Anglin was trapped underneath his family’s boat for about 40 agonizing minutes before Coast Guard crews pulled him out of the water. For at least some of that time boats from several agencies could do little more than sit and watch, frustrating his helpless loved ones.
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Obama Schmoozes with Cecile Richards

Eugenics bonds them. LifeNews.com has the story:

After his speech in El Paso, Texas, President Barack Obama made his way to Austin for a campaign rally where he asked hundreds of supporters to help him with his re-election bid. In a more private affair, he curried favor with the head of Planned Parenthood.
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WH Website: Republicans are Racist!!!

This is pretty outrageous. Gateway Pundit reports:

This must be part of that new tone.

The Obama White House website wrote that audience members screamed Republicans were racists during his talk yesterday.
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Judge Orders Child to Daycare for "Socialization"

Al Kresta reports:

A Quebec judge has ordered a three-year-old and a five-year-old to attend state-funded day care following claims that the children lacked proper “socialization.”

The parents of the Notre-Dame-des-Bois family were also ordered to place their two elder homeschooled children in public schools, and accused of failing to act quickly to correct learning disabilities, despite their doctor’s testimony to the contrary.
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Navy Rescinds Gay Marriage Order

Trying so hard not to make a seamen joke. Must...not. Hot Air has the story:

Yesterday, J. E. Dyer unloaded on the Navy for its decision to allow chaplains to conduct same-sex marriages in jurisdictions which allow them. That policy didn’t last long. Today, the Navy has rescinded that order pending “further … policy review”
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WaPo Critic: "Prom" Isn't Dirty Enough

Big Hollywood calls 'em on it:

It’s no stretch to say that Disney’s new film Prom is a squeaky clean affair, but according to Washington Post film critic Sandie Angulo Chen, this is apparently a bad thing. Prompting responses from Newsbusters and Christian Toto, Chen’s piece laments the lack of edge, angst and subversion in Prom, stating that the event is associated in cinema with things like the iconic pig’s blood prank from Carrie, and the race to lose one’s virginity in American Pie. She wonders why there are no violent outcasts or brooding bad boys that smoke cigarettes, as though the House of Mouse is a studio that has a reputation for delivering hard-hitting works of gritty social realism.
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Wait, Now Tonto's in Charge

Note to Hollywood elite: If you don't like the old time American heroes then create your own. Stop messing with ours. Weasel Zippers has this ridiculous tale:

Hollywood PC Alert: Johnny Depp Wants to Make Tonto the Leader in New “Lone Ranger” Movie…
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California Outlaws Flag Flying

The Weekly Standard reports:

In the small town of Orcutt, California, a private association has raised donations to erect a flagpole and monument between a highway exit and a park-and-ride lot, at the entrance to the community’s Old Town section. The pole would hang the American flag, encircled by five pillars, one each for the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. The California Department of Transportation (CalTrans), however, has stymied the effort, calling it an impermissible act of “public expression.”
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Hans Kung to the Rescue

LarryD writes on how Kung seeks to save the Church:

Hans Küng, the darling of the Catholyc crowd, is issuing a new book, called "Can The Church Still Be Saved?"

Gosh, what an awful title. Not because it might be true - which it isn't, because Christ promised that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church - but because it paints an inaccurate picture of the Catholic Church, something so far from the truth it's nearly laughable. Saved? Saved from what? Saved from whom?
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It's Never a Good Time to Have Kids

Jen Fulwiler writes:

There are some great discussions going on in the blog world right now about how much money you really need to have kids. Blogger Young Mom has a good takedown of an MSNBC article talking about couples who want another child but are choosing not to have one because they don’t think they can afford it.
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3,000 Christians Flee 4,000 Riotous Muslims

When will the world community recognize this for what it is. How many excuses will they make before deeming Christians worthy of protection. Weasel Zippers has the story:

Pakistan: 4,000 Muslims Attack Christian Church Over Rumored Koran Desecration…

Just another day in the Islamic world.

Christians in Pakistan recently fled when a Muslim mob attacked a seminary and accused believers of desecrating the Quran.
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The Powerline Prize

You can win $100,000. Seriously:

Our nation faces an unprecedented financial crisis. Every knowledgeable citizen understands that the fiscal path we are on is unsustainable. Indefinite continuation of the status quo is not an option. There are only two possibilities: reform and collapse.

The massive federal debt that is now being incurred represents an existential threat to America's future. In a best-case scenario, it will saddle our children with financial obligations that will cripple their ability to prosper over the remainder of this century.
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Belief in PBS is Just Like a Religion

The Corner reports:

An employment tribunal in Britain has ruled that a belief in public service broadcasting is equivalent to religious faith:

Its extraordinary decision elevates the BBC’s core principle to a place in the law equivalent to Christianity…

South African-born Mr Maistry, who worked for the BBC Asian Network, says he suffered discrimination for six years until he was dismissed last year.
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Pro-Abort Indicted for Terroristic Threats

You mean, it wasn't those crazy pro-lifers threatening the poor pro-aborts. I'm shocked. Shocked I say:

Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF) applauds federal authorities who have indicted abortion advocate Theodore Shulman on charges of terrorist threats against pro-life leaders. The FBI has charged the 49-year-old self-proclaimed “pro-choice terrorist” with six counts of communicating interstate threats against pro-lifers.
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Same Sex Marriages OK in Naval Chapels

How long until those clergymen who won't perform same sex marriages are ousted? A decade?

Anticipating the elimination of the military ban on homosexuality, the Office of the Chief of Navy Chaplains has decided that same-sex couples in the Navy will be able to get married in Navy chapels, and that Navy chaplains will be allowed to perform the ceremonies -- if homosexual marriage is legal in the state where the unions are to be performed.
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Nothing More Powerful than a Mother's Prayers

I can't tell you how many people believe that their mother's prayers saved them in some very real way. Cubachi has a great vid:

Eduardo Verástegui: There is nothing more powerful than the prayers of a mother

“I realized I was empty” said the famous Mexican actor and producer Eduardo Verástegui when he was in the top of his career in Latin America. Yet, as he tried to transition to American films, he felt unrewarded in a personal sense.

This interview is several years old. Verástegui was in promotion of his movie, “Bella.” But I think this interview is brilliant for Mother’s Day.

In this interview with CBN, he talked about his past and how his soul lacked fulfillment. His mother often prayed to God so that her son can find Christ again.
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Planned Parenthood Director Now Judge

The usual suspects:

Senate Democrats were able to confirm the former director of Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island to a lifetime federal judgeship after 11 Republicans voted to close debate on the nomination and allow it to come up for a final vote.

As a lawyer, the new judge was also involved in litigation against the tobacco industry and a failed lawsuit against former manufacturers of lead paint.
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What Would Jesus Cut?

Dr. Shawn Ritenour writes at Catholic Lane:

That is the question asked by the left-leaning Christian organization, Sojourners, in its campaign of the same name. It is a most appropriate question given the battle over the budget and given this time of year, not long after the most holy holiday of the year for Christians.

Sojourners claims that, despite record budget deficits and national debt, reducing subsidies for things like vaccines and bed nets in Africa, school lunch programs, early childhood education, and income maintenance in the United States is immoral. Indeed, such subsidies, Sojourners says, “are dollars we can’t afford to not invest.”
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Winnie the Pooh is Sexist

Sometimes you just gotta' laugh at the PC police. Weasel Zippers has the story:

Good Grief: PC Police Says Children’s Books Are Sexist…

I always had a feeling Winnie the Pooh and Tigger were male chauvinist pigs.

(Todd Starnes/FNR) — A comprehensive study of traditional children’s book characters has determined that Pooh Corner may be rife with gender inequality.
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Texas Passes Sonogram Law

Hooray! The New York Times reports:

In a victory for anti-abortion advocates, Texas will join the ranks of states that require doctors to perform a sonogram before conducting an abortion.
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I Didn't Know There'd Be Math

Jimmy Akin must be pretty darn smart. He's trying to figure out the year of Christ's birth. I tried to follow it but I passed out twice and wet myself the second time. I'm going to assume he's onto something:

A few days ago I blogged about my discovery that the Christmas Proclamation of the Birth of Christ has a not-so-great translation in the United States.

The same day I made that unfortunate discovery, I also made a fortunate one!

As I mentioned previously, we have multiple lines of evidence converging to show that Jesus was born in the year 3/2 B.C.

There are multiple sources from the early Church (around a dozen) that show this to be the case. While there are a tiny number of sources suggesting other years, the overwhelming majority indicate 3/2 B.C. as being the correct time frame for Our Lord's birth.
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How Saint Helen Found the True Cross

Taylor Marshall writes:

In order to squash Christian devotion to Christ in Jerusalem, the pagan Romanserected shrines over the Christian holy sites (in about AD 146). This is well documented both historically and archeologically.

Saint Helen came to Jerusalem in 326 after she had a dream about the true cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. She felt that she had been divinely appointed to find our Lord's life-giving cross.
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Hypocrisy on Gas Prices

Les Femmes -The Truth has a video that lays it out well::

Oh, and note Obama's near contempt for the dad with ten children. What crazy people would have ten children? (Answer: My parents and my husbands parents.) What do you think of the high price of gas? Do you agree that it's a "blessing in disguise?"
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Mitch Daniels Takes Manhattan

Jenifer Rubin reports strike two against Mitch Daniels:

Earlier in this campaign cycle, feature stories in the conservative Weekly Standard was the kiss, if not of death, then of serious political injury, for GOP presidential contenders. Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour got tangled up on the race issue. Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels made the now infamous “social truce” gaffe. But now it’s a liberal publication that is likely to give Daniels’s presidential boosters fits.

The New Yorker’s Hendrik Hertzberg explains that Daniels didn’t go to the Tea Partyers or to the National Rifle Association for a testing-the-waters confab. Instead, he went to Manhattan:
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Herman Cain Wins First Debate?

Matt Lewis of The Daily Caller writes:

I’m always skeptical of Frank Luntz’s televised focus groups, but he obviously got it right last night (inasmuch as his results confirmed my predictions).

As you may recall, prior to the debate I wrote that Herman Cain is, clearly the best orator in the bunch. And the fact that he will be competing for attention with just four other candidates means he will gain a tremendous amount of exposure in this nationally-televised debate.
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Show me the Bloody

Jim Geraghty wants the Osama pics. I agree.

Well, it didn’t take long for President Obama to obliterate those warm feelings he generated on Sunday night. From the moment we heard the news, I’ll bet some not-insignificant percentage of the American public said, “I want to see the body.” Not because we’re a bunch of voyeurs, but because we’ve been through these false alarms with disturbing regularity since 9/11. We think we get a guy, and then we don’t. We had several false alarms with Saddam Hussein, and when he was captured, they showed a short video of him getting checked out by doctors.

What’s that, Mr. President? The photos are “very graphic”? So was watching people jump to their deaths from the blazing Twin Towers, you hyperactive condescending nanny.
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Cdl. Burke to Pray Outside Abortion Clinic

CNA/EWTN reports:

Top Vatican official Cardinal Raymond L. Burke is set to pray and speak out against abortion at Planned Parenthood's new facility expansion in Texas.

“Cardinal Burke is a man of great passion for the pro-life cause and is one of the highest ranking U.S. bishops in the church,” said event organizers from the Catholic Charismatic Center on April 28.
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Pence to Run for Gov.

Indiana's lucky. Cubachi reports:

Representative Mike Pence made it official, “I’m in this race.”

Pence will run for Governor of Indiana. The website is up now.

The principled, stalwart conservative Republican told supporters on a conference call Thursday that he will seek the office currently held by Gov. Mitch Daniels. Most expected Pence to run after he ruled out a White House bid and resigned his No. 3 GOP House leadership position.

Pence is a favorite in the race because he has a huge base of supporters, name recognition, and campaign cash.
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Shock Report: 1/2 of Detroiters Can't Read

Al Kresta reports:

According to a new report, 47 percent of Detroiters are ”functionally illiterate.” The alarming new statistics were released by the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund on Wednesday.

WWJ Newsradio 950 spoke with the Fund’s Director, Karen Tyler-Ruiz, who explained exactly what this means.

“Not able to fill out basic forms, for getting a job — those types of basic everyday (things). Reading a prescription; what’s on the bottle, how many you should take… just your basic everyday tasks,” she said.
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Can Christians Preach Outside a Mosque?

When rights and hypersensitivity to Islam collide. Check out this excellent piece at American Thinker about a case in Philadelphia:

Law enforcement scrutiny, detainment by police, and a court date to answer trumped-up charges: these are the consequences of preaching Christianity to Muslims not only throughout much of the Islamic world, but sometimes even in America as well.

The most infamous example occurred last June, when four missionaries from Acts 17 Apologetics were arrested and charged with breach of peace while they calmly discussed their faith with Muslims at the Arab International Festival in Dearborn, Michigan. Armed with self-recorded video showing that they had acted in a civil fashion, the Christians were vindicated by a jury several months later.

An important but virtually unnoticed Philadelphia case from 2010 bears striking similarities to the one in Dearborn, including police shutting down religious speech directed toward Muslims and a prosecutor filing charges patently at odds with video evidence.
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My Name is Adrienne and I'm an Alcoholic

Adrienne writes of her 12 step journey:

Hello, my name is Adrienne, and I am an alcoholic.

Before we get into the heart of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, I must tell my story because in the end that is all I really have to offer you.

I come from a family of alcoholics as so many of us do. Alcoholism is a family disease and where you find one, you will usually find many.
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Obama's Photo Policy

What's a little hypocrisy from the most transparent administration evah. This short blurb from John Miller from The Corner says it all about Obama's photo decision. Check it out.

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Wait, Salt is Good Now?

Foxfier writes:

Dietary, this time.

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (May 4), reports that among 3,681 study subjects followed for as long as 23 years, the cardiovascular death rate was more than 50 percent higher among those on who consumed less salt.

(Quote from Junk Science, emphasis mine.)

Pardon while I use the fainting room on finding out that government told everyone to do something that was good for a small group, and it was not only useless it was actually bad....
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Blessed JPII's Theological Time Bomb

Chelsea Zimmerman writes:

On Sunday the Catholic Church confirmed what most of us already knew and what God Himself made known through at least one miracle – that John Paul II is in heaven…and interceding on our behalf! Soooo…does this make me a relic??
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Boehner Cried Over What?

Doug Powers has the answer.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is known for shedding a tear from time to time. Yesterday was one of those days:

Why was Boehner crying?

You might be guessing that it could have something to do with Bin Laden’s demise bringing back memories of that horrible day that was 9/11, which would be understandable, but that’s not it.
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300 Christians Slaughtered

It all seemed to start with the words "Allahu Akhbar" being announced over Mosque loudspeakers. Hmmm. I wonder what their motivation was. Weasel Zippers reports:

Christian leaders have called for an investigation into political violence that targeted churches and Christian homes, with at least one clergyman saying yesterday that Islamic attacks following the election of a Christian president were premeditated.

Pastor Emmanuel Nuhu Kure of Throneroom Trust Ministry based in Kafanchan in Kaduna state, reportedly said at a press briefing that the religious component of the political violence should not be discounted.
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It Aint Jesus But It's Kinda Cool

Plays tricks with the eyes:

The above photo is a famous example of pareidolia. Pareidolia is the phenomenon in which unexpected images appear in some object. If you've ever laid in a field and identified the clouds as true images and shapes, then you've engaged in pareidolia. Famous examples in Texas relate to a pious Mexican grandmother finding the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary on a burned tortilla.
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Pampers Pro-Life TV Ad

Go check out why Jill Stanek loves it (with some reservations):

Recall that last year Pampers released an iPad app allowing families to track the development of their preborn baby.

Now Pampers has released a commercial that is simply fantastic:
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The Distorter Cheers Osama's Death

Jay Anderson read Michael Sean Winters so you don't have to. That Jay's a heckuva nice guy:

Of all the responses in the Catholic blogosphere to Osama bin Laden's death, few have matched the sort of jingoistic and nationalistic bravado that we've seen in the secular media and on the streets of New York City and Washington, D.C. The overwhelming majority of Catholic bloggers have been quite circumspect and reflective upon the killing of America's public enemy #1, soberly asking themselves what is the appropriate Christian response to the sudden, violent death of the mastermind of 9/11.

The most prominent exception to this general rule - the one high-profile Catholic blogger who openly relished (indeed, encouraged celebrating) bin Laden's demise - came from what might seem like a surprising source. The National Catholic Reporter, the newspaper of record for the Catholic left, routinely excoriates the Catholic blogosphere for what it sees as pro-Republican, militaristic, and jingoistic nationalism. And yet, it was the Reporter's most high-profile blogger, Michael Sean Winters, who used his blog, the so-called "Distinctly Catholic", to do a tap dance on the freshly killed body of bin Laden:
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Superman Might Change His Mind

Let's hope so. And then let's hope Supes destroys the real villains - the writers at DC Comics:

This morning, we are hearing that DC Comics is seriously considering a major change in their plans for ‘Superman’ issue #900.

The Man of Steel may NOT be renouncing his American citizenship after all.
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The Pulp.It

Remember to check out Tito Edwards' news aggregator site The Pulp.it. He's working hard scouring the internet so bums like us don't have to. Continue reading>>>

Caviezel: Rejected By Hollywood

Other than misunderstanding what Caviezel says about Mel Gibson as "less than positive" I found this story from the Daily Caller interesting:

Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” says his acting career has suffered since the movie’s 2004 release, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Speaking to a crowd at the First Baptist Church of Orlando on Saturday, Caviezel said he’s been “rejected in [his] own industry” and cast in forgettable films. But he said Gibson predicted this would happen and warned him that the film role could be his final one.
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Now That Bin Laden's Dead...

Obama can now focus on things that really matter...like global warming legislation.

Lefty pretzel logic.

(Politico) – Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson hopes that Osama bin Laden’s death will spur President Barack Obama to promote climate change legislation.
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WH Asks Small Paper to Change Story

Hot Air reports:

C’mon, no one’s this sensitive to bad press.

Well, almost no one.

In an email to The Daily Caller, Gina Channell-Allen, president of the Pleasanton Weekly in Pleasanton, California, said that her paper “received a call from the White House asking us to take out part of the story because it reflected poorly on the First Lady.”
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Branch Rickey's Faith

played a large role in signing Jackie Robinson. This is a great story from Right Field:

And how much Branch Rickey’s faith was a part of the decision:
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Nancy Pelosi on Bin Laden, Then and Now

Perfect hypocrisy. Powerline has the competing quotes:

Nancy Pelosi, press conference, September 7, 2006:

[E]ven if [Osama bin Laden] is caught tomorrow, it is five years too late. He has done more damage the longer he has been out there. But, in fact, the damage that he has done ... is done. And even to capture him now I don't think makes us any safer.
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Dems Fighting Bin Laden and GOP


Partisan hack of the day.

(Palm Beach Post) — U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson used the years-long covert operation that culminated last night in the death of the country’s No. 1 enemy to slam a GOP-backed elections overhaul the Senate is slated to vote on today.
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Aides Hail Obama's Bravery

The LA Times pokes at the White House for garnering a little too much credit for themselves on the killing of Osama Bin Laden:

According to another one of those White House briefings of reporters designed to suck up all available credit for good news, President Obama's homeland security advisor reveals that it was a really tense time in the air-conditioned White House as unidentified U.S. Navy SEALs closed in on the world's most wanted man after midnight a half a wohomeland security advisor john Brennan 5-2-11rld away.

"Minutes passed like days," says John Brennan, who bravely stood with press secretary Jay Carney before reporters and TV cameras today chronicling his boss' weekend heroics.
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Don't Think Paul Ryan Can Fix This

Pundette highlights a story from the WaPo about the coddling of dependency problem in America:

Cammers stood up, stammered and introduced himself as a disabled veteran. He said the whole budget predicament seemed like an impossible choice between a mounting national debt and devastating cutbacks. He explained that he was living on Social Security, and that he had made a pretty decent living once while working in management, and that he could survive a few cuts.

“I will be fine,” he said. And then he came around to the question.

“I guess what I’m saying is, what are all these changes going to mean for my son?”
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Palin Chooses Life Over DC Dinner

Cubachi reports that Palin seems to have her priorities:

While all of the attention and media spectacle was on the White House Correspondents Dinner, one famous politician and activist would rather spend her time attending a pro-life event.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin used her star power and influence to attend and praise the pro-life movement at a fundraiser for the anti-abortion group Heroic Media.
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Bin Laden is Dead


Usama bin Laden is dead, multiple sources confirm to Fox News.

President Obama is expected to deliver a statement from the White House Sunday night to discuss the major development.
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Bloomberg's Stupidest Idea...Evah


NYC Mayor Bloomberg: We Should Populate Detroit With Illegal Immigrants…

No, he was not joking.
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