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Martin Sheen's Wife Conceived in Rape

LifeSiteNews.com reports:

Well-known for his role as President Bartlet in the television drama “The West Wing,” actor Martin Sheen, born Ramon Estevez, has given an interview in which he reveals the startlingly personal reasons for his ‘strong’ anti-abortion stance. In the interview he also discusses his Catholic faith, which he says includes praying the Rosary, belief in trans-substantiation, and the communion of saints.

Sheen, a complex character whose Catholic devotional life and pro-life views have not stopped him from backing the presidency of Barack Obama, was interviewed by Gay Byrne; the interview was released on Irish broadcaster RTE’s website April 3.
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Mary De Voe said...

An human being comes into existence through the will of God. Accepting the will of God may be difficult at times but to whom shall we go?

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