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Why is It So Easy for Lila Rose and O'Keefe

Phi Beta Cons asks:

Lila Rose and James O’Keefe are young. Very young. So young that they probably have no memory of the glories of the hair-band era, never looked to Alex P. Keaton as young conservative role model, and never saw the greatest science-fiction movie in history on the big screen. But take a look at what they’ve accomplished in their few, short adult years. With creativity, initiative, a serious dose of moxie, and minimal investment in cheap technology, they’ve been instrumental in — among other things — shaming Planned Parenthood and providing a huge boost to the effort to defund America’s primary abortion mill (Lila), defunding ACORN (James and Hannah Giles), and now shaming NPR and claiming the jobs of its senior executives (James).
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