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Trouble at the Catholic University of Dalls?

Uh-oh. Patrick Fagan of The Catholic Thing writes:

DEPENDING on how the Board of the University of Dallas votes tonight I (proud father of five UD alumni children) may well be telling folk: “Don’t send your kids to UD. It used to be great but now is a danger to their faith.” At issue is the introduction of a curriculum of the School of Ministry for undergraduates.

In a newly released promotional video for the University of Dallas, the new president Thomas Keefe states unequivocally, “There isn’t an institution that compares to the University of Dallas in its fidelity to the Church and its academic rigor.” How brave he is in keeping it so will be clear tonight at the Board meeting.
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Ashley said...

To sign the petition requesting that the board help uphold the authentic Catholic character of UD, please click here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/udschoolofministryundergradprogram/signatures

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