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Neighbors Horrified Over Small "Jesus" Sign

So much for freedom of religion, huh? Weasel Zippers reports:


FLORISSANT, Mo. (KMOX) — A north St. Louis County man says he can’t believe what he found in his mailbox — a letter from his subdivision committee telling him he had to take down his yard sign.

The simple green sign has a single word written in white . . . “Jesus”.
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Clinton said...

I sympathize with the man, believe me. i just don't
think he has much of a case. It appears that his
home is in a development that has bylawspro-
hibiting this sort of thing--bylaws that this man
agreed to respect when he purchased the house.

I recall a case about two years ago of another man in
a similar situation-- he lived in a development that
had regulations that did not permit the large, spot-
lit flagpole/American flag the man had installed in
his front yard. As in the Missouri case, the subdi-
vision committee has to be the bad guy and send
a letter telling him to take the article down.

I've never been a fan of subdivisions like the one in
this story. Obviously, some folks are fans, and choose to buy their homes knowing that they must
adhere to the regulations set forth by the neighbor-
hood committee. However, when the committee
enforces those bylaws, those folks cannot really
cry "Foul!".

Shiro Pat said...

So depending on how the by-laws are written, perhaps the man could move the sign to his front window. He would be practicing his faith in his own home that way.

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