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Mom Needs a Hug

Great moments sometimes happen in little moments. Rocks in My Dryer has one of them:

He walked into the kitchen while I chopped onions for dinner. He began to talk about a new video game release, and I, being distracted, gave some distant mumbles of assent.

Suddenly, he walked up to me. "Mom, you look like you need a hug."

Then he hugged me. And held me.

He's 13, nearly 14. These last few months we've laughed together a lot. And we've frustrated each other a lot, too, scoping out our new spots in this family, in this world--he's becoming a Big Person, I'm becoming the mother of a son who needs me in a very different way than he used to.

It's exhilarating, frightening, wonderful, irritating, and hilarious.
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Anonymous said...

Perfect - you said what I could never put into words.

My son's are now 18 and 23, THey ere both home this weekend and we went to the movies togester. This may be the last time as the oldest is getting married in July. I wanted a girl so badly and God gave me boys - they are an eternal mystery - amazing creatures :-)

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