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Happy One Year Blogversary

CMR congrats to Sofia for one year of Catholic blogging:

One year ago AlwaysCatholic.com debuted in the Catholic blogosphere. One year later we are still going strong and hopefully getting better everyday; with the EXCEPTION of the past few days. Why? Your loyalty! We exceeded our bandwidth and crashed. Actually, this is great problem to have, it means you LIKE us!! So many of you want to be on the site, it decided enough! We love it! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We have been working furiously though to get back up but it seems that we couldn’t be back up in time for the 19th soooooo…. the party is on for Saturday, March 26th starting at Midnight!
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Sofia said...

Thank you guys! Hope to talk with you both at our Blogversary! Love that!

We are here because of the both of you!

God Love you both...


Douglas J. Turnbull Turnbull53 said...

Sofia, My dear new found member of The Body of Christ, I LOVE IT and I know that HE does to, He told me so! Jesus is a Friend of Mine! Congratulations and may I support you and the other members of HIS Body by does HIS Work in everything we do. What He has given to us is to be SHARED for those that may be under attack by Satan, we will not LOSE Souls on our watch. We stand ready as Soldiers of Christ to destroy the enemy and lift those up that need the guidance and assurance of how Faith will bring Grace and Grace will guide us to HIM for Eternity! Lord, what do you need me to do next! All My LOVE in Christ Jesus, Douglas J. Turnbull

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