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France: Muslims to Use Empty Churches?


The pathetic decline of Europe’s Judeo-Christian heritage is an ugly site to behold.

(Spero News) — A Muslim group has asked to use the empty churches in France for Muslims to pray in, solving (at the expense of Christians) the traffic problems caused by Muslims who pray in the streets. Fr. Khalial Samir Samir, an expert scholar of Islam, reflects on the embarrassing proposal, calling for Islam in Europe to become more “European” and less “Arab”.
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eulogos said...

Now if we could just revive the Angelus, perhaps we might see this many Christians kneeling to pray in the street!

Don't give them our churches, please. But I have to say I find their willing public devotion admirable.

I really do think the best way to counter it is for churches to start ringing the Angelus, and teaching their people to stop, kneel, and say it wherever they are when they hear it.

Susan Peterson

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