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EWTN's New Show. A Review.

Sofia likes the new show:

Just when I think that no one thinks like I do, the Lord reminds me it ain’t about me.

As my readers may know and the rest of you will know now, I am a traditional Roman Catholic woman with little in common with the secular world except lovin’ the NY Mets and a perfect French mani-pedi. Other than that, I’m a Summorum Pontificum (for those of you from Mars, that’s the Encyclical from our Beloved Holy Father Benedict that has made the Traditional Latin Mass an “in” thing) kind of gal. Break out the Latin and smell the incense and well, if you don’t like it…oh wait…charity, always charity!

Okay, getting back to the point! Nothing in common with the secular world and particular nuttin’ in common with secular media. Usually if the TV is on it’s Food Network, HGTV, EWTN or The WeatherChannel checking out the latest storm. The last thing I want to watch is a show like ABC-TV’s “The View”. Women perched around a desk complaining, laughing at the church, smiling about abortion and male-bashing…NOT!

So, just when I felt like no one was listening to me and my gripes, along comes, “The Catholic View for Women” on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) or commonly known as “Mother Angelica’s station”.
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