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Dad's Last Wish

Life is never about one thing. Even when gathering for sad events there's laughs and stories. This is a joyful, sad and wonderful story about a family gathering for what they believe are their father's last days. Prayers for the entire family. Take a moment to read it at You Are Mine:

This past week brought my brothers, sisters and every niece and nephew to my parents' home to say goodbye to my father.

This, I thought, was my dad's last wish.

Although at times if was difficult... for the most part this gathering was a joyful celebration of my father's life. Stories were told and re-told and more importantly, my family provided me with a few ridiculous moments for FGF.
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Cheryl said...

Thank you for your prayers Matt... Funny Guy is my husband, Mark... This time is tough, but Mark manages to bring smiles anyway... Please continue to pray for peace and comfort for his dad...

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