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Are We Married to Marriage?

Kathryn Lopez says we should be thankful marriage is a contentious issue? Well, kinda.

There she was. Don Quixote, otherwise known as Maggie Gallagher, testifying before a committee in the Maryland House of Delegates in defense of marriage.

Gallagher, the chairman of the National Organization for Marriage, had been there before – defending marriage even as conventional wisdom portrayed gay marriage as inevitable, both in the immediate fight and the long run. Listening to activists and local and national media, the likes of the National Organization for Marriage seem like they’re clinging to a bygone age.

But there she was, trying, bless her heart.
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Anonymous said...

Marriage has been abandoned by society at large and in real practice in the Catholic Church, as many
of us have experienced and can testify to.

Spousal abandonment and adultery are rampant among society and Catholics are no exception. When you go to the Church for its help, you are ignored, unless you are living with someone you should not be with, then you are openly welcomed and encouraged with no consequences except having to wait till your abuse of your abandoned spouse brings about their early death.

Then you are fully welcomed into the Catholic Church in a scandalous wedding.

We are getting what we deserve. We have ourselves
and our lousy clergy to thank.

To those of us who work at remainging faithful to our adulterous spouses and their knowing, willful accomplice clerical enablers, including all bishops and at least the present and past Pope(in spite of their lies, in public, otherwise, as no one sees them ignore you when you seek THEIR help), we have no wonder why all of this is rampant. It is the logical conclusion of what has prececeeded it.

Yes, it breaks my heart, but my efforts to honor our vows are dishonored and mocked by the Catholic hierarchy. All of them are disgusting. God bless the
faithful abandoned spouses. They are carrying all of Christianity on their crosses. So often, THEY are criticized for NOT sacrificing enough, especially when they point out what is actually going on.

What immense duplicity there is among all Catholics. Our demise is well deserved!


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