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What/Who Is Behind TV's Radical Agenda?

CMR buddy Marcel Lejeune has discovered that it's not just liberal wacko writers who are pushing a radical agenda. They've got help:

After reading my post "Is GLEE Promoting Planned Parenthood's Sexual Education?" I got an email from a reader who sent me a link to an organization that I had not heard of before, but now believe should be known by others. The group is called EntertainmentResource.org - their stated mission is the following:
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Easter Egg Hunt Becomes "Spring Egg Hunt?"


More PC nonsense.

MUNSON, Ohio — A Northeast Ohio community is taking the “Easter” out of the egg hunt.

As the White House prepares for its annual Easter Egg Roll — a tradition dating back to 1878 — some in the community of Munson Township are asking if it’s okay in Washington, how could the word “Easter” offend someone in this small rural community?

Still, township trustees are opting to call this year’s Easter weekend event “The Spring Egg Hunt.”
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A Priest, a Hitman, and a Confession

Tony Rossi writes a review of a new online series starring Keifer Sutherland and John Hurt at Patheos:

In an era when noise abounds, a new online series draws us into a quiet dialogue about the love of God, the nature of good and evil, the far-reaching impact of sin, and the journey of redemption.
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Jon Stewart Skewers Obama

Jon Stewart tears Obama apart over his disingenuous Libya speech..

Something to behold. Go Watch.>>

Scott Hahn Rocks. Really.

Dr. Scott Hahn rocks it out on stage. Check it out.
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New Billboard about Black Genocide

The ugly truth:

Black Genocide: “Every 21 minutes our next possible leader is ABORTED.” Margaret Sanger’s vision becomes reality.
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White House Opposes DC Vouchers

Remember. Children must be stuck in failing schools. No matter what. The Corner has more:

For those who would like to see D.C. voucher program opened to new students again, expect an uphill battle. Today the White House Office of Budget and Management released a statement opposing House speaker John Boehner’s legislation:
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You Defriended Me

Funny song, actual musical talent, and clever lyrics. Good stuff. Check out the vid.
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Benign Neglect or Calculated Malignity?

Anthony Esolen at Inside Catholic writes an excellent piece about boys:

Why, I wonder, do boys these days get no love? What have they done to deserve their treatment at our hands?

Recently, a boy competing for his high school in the Iowa state wrestling tournament chose to forfeit his initial match rather than wrestle against a girl. He spoke about his decision with an admirable reserve and good sense, saying that wrestling could be a violent sport, and that in this case he had to follow his conscience and his faith. He believed, in other words, exactly what in almost any other circumstances he would be taught as an absolute rule, and that is that a man is not to raise his hand in anger against a woman, and that he is not to touch a woman who is not his wife in the way that wrestling makes necessary -- grabbing under the legs, pressing chest to chest, and worse.
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Why Doesn't the Church Make a List?

Simcha wonders about a question many Catholics wonder about.

When Catholics talk about NFP, someone always asks rather plaintively why the Church doesn’t just clear up all the confusion about what does and does not constitute a legitimate reason to avoid a pregnancy. Why not just make a list: on the right, good reasons for postponing a pregnancy; on the left, bad reasons?

Obviously we should still pray and try to discern God’s will for us — but why does it have to be so vague? Why doesn’t the Church just give us a break and spell it out already?
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Jedi Badminton."Nuff said.

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The Sexualization of Childhood

Sick stuff. Absolutely sick stuff.

Ed Morrissey wonders, "Is it possible to be both disgusted and jaded at the same time?" Oh yes, certainly. I do it all the time. What inspired his question is the advent of "push-up" bikinis for little girls who have nothing to push up. I'm not surprised, either, but some very uncivil thoughts, involving images of large kettles of boiling oil, pass through my mind when I think of the people responsible for the sexualization of children.
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"Walk for Choice" Epic Fail

Hilariously underwhelming doesn't begin to explain. Badger Catholic has the story:

Planned Parenthood’s “Pepto Bus” rolls into Madison and Milwaukee. Led by Fr. Rick Heilman and the Knights of Divine Mercy , 100 pro-lifers turned out to pray and witness in Madison.

In an interesting twist, the PP bus drove past our “Choice Kills” billboard in the Planned Parenthood parking lot. The PP bus even stopped to observe and read the billboard. Wheels were turning, to be sure.
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AP: Beware the "Anti-Abortion Onslaught"

Some days media bias just makes me laugh. This is one of those days. Reporters take themselves so seriously and are outraged at any accusation of bias and then they go and write something like this. Newsbusters has the story:

A conservative wave election can lead to a wave of conservative legislation, like limitations on abortion. But for the Associated Press (the Abortion Press?), the wave of opinion remains firmly on the left. A David Crary story on Wednesday slanted its quotes 7 to 2 against the conservative position and the "threat" it represents. The Washington Post Express tabloid perfectly expressed the article's tone: "Anti-Abortion Onslaught," it read in large black type. It was "conservatives" vs. a pile of "abortion rights activists":
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Big Govt Bans Girl Scout from Selling Cookies


Big Government: City bans Girl Scouts from selling cookies on front lawn. The city of Hazelwood says they do support the Girl Scouts but not when they are violating the home occupancy code.
They’d been warned, but the city says the Girl Scouts Abigail and Caitlin Mills continued to sell Girl Scout cookies from a stand in front of their home. …
“Based on this complaint, the city of Hazelwood had to take action,” says spokesman Tim Davidson. He says it is also against city code to sell products from home.
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Neighbors Horrified Over Small "Jesus" Sign

So much for freedom of religion, huh? Weasel Zippers reports:


FLORISSANT, Mo. (KMOX) — A north St. Louis County man says he can’t believe what he found in his mailbox — a letter from his subdivision committee telling him he had to take down his yard sign.

The simple green sign has a single word written in white . . . “Jesus”.
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Dems Decide Who Get Rights?

Doug Powers writes at Michelle Malkin's site:

Frank Lautenberg’s Civics Lesson of the Day: Our Constitutional Freedoms Come From… Democrats? Here’s a lesson on the Constitution that’s worthy of a Schoolhouse Rock parody if anybody can think of a word that rhymes with “Lautenberg.”

Sen. Frank Lautenberg was speaking at a Planned Parenthood demonstration and let loose with this
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Alms are the Arms of Christ

Marcia Morrissey writes an excellent piece over at Patheos:

Giving alms is a part of our lives; as believers—out of thanksgiving to God and for love of his people—we share what we have with the less fortunate. However, we are exhorted not to do it in a way that calls attention to ourselves, to gain honor for its own sake (Mt. 6:1-4). Giving money to worthwhile charitable causes is necessary, especially when we can't physically be present to help in a situation. Putting "feet to our faith," with practical giving of ourselves is also a way of giving alms when it is in our power to do so. All of us can do something.
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Compiling the Absurd Box Score of "Space Jam"

This is awesome. Awesome in the sense that a bunch of people took the time to compile the box score to the epic Bugs Bunny/ Michael Jordan crossover movie:

By now, we’re all familiar with the story: In 1994, an alien spacecraft lands in a minor league ballpark in rural Alabama, delivering Birmingham Barons outfielder Michael Jordan just in time for the first pitch. Though team officials are initially upset about the booster-jet inflicted damage to the field, their shock melts away when the magnitude of what Jordan accomplished during his brief disappearance becomes apparent — the salvation of the Looney Tunes universe via basketball game, as documented in the 1996 film Space Jam.

Our concern here is with the game itself, which pitted Jordan and his cartoon friends against a team of alien invaders who’d stolen the abilities of Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Larry Johnson, Muggsy Bogues and — don’t ask me why — Shawn Bradley. Freedom was on the line. A Monstars victory would mean a life of servitude for the Tunes in Moron Mountain, the theme park on the Monstars’ home planet.
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Fr. Erik's Interesting Question on Vocations

Check it out and join the combox:

Does anyone else thing that the lack of vocations may be partially correlated to a lack of stability on the part of parish clergy? Did the introduction of terms for pastors hamper their ability to foster vocations among young people in their parish? Has anyone noticed a correlation between long term pastors and vocations, especially to the diocesan priesthood?
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How Political Correctness Makes Us Dumb

Francis Beckwith writes:

The other day I was lecturing in my critical thinking class on the difference between arguments and explanations. An explanation is an account of something whose truth is not in dispute. So, for example, if you ask me why the Packers won the Super Bowl, I can give you several different answers. But the simplest one is this: they scored more points than the Steelers. We do not disagree as to whether the Packers were victorious. I am not trying to prove that. All I am doing is giving you a simple explanation as to why the Packers won.
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Happy One Year Blogversary

CMR congrats to Sofia for one year of Catholic blogging:

One year ago AlwaysCatholic.com debuted in the Catholic blogosphere. One year later we are still going strong and hopefully getting better everyday; with the EXCEPTION of the past few days. Why? Your loyalty! We exceeded our bandwidth and crashed. Actually, this is great problem to have, it means you LIKE us!! So many of you want to be on the site, it decided enough! We love it! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We have been working furiously though to get back up but it seems that we couldn’t be back up in time for the 19th soooooo…. the party is on for Saturday, March 26th starting at Midnight!
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San Fran Wonders Where All the Kids Are

Hmmmm...let's all think about that for a while. The strange cocktail of abortion on demand, promotion of the homosexual lifestyle, and encouragement of extreme environmentalism may mean less kids? Who'd a thunk it? Maggie writes:

Okay, it’s San Francisco. The high cost of living there aside, do I really have to explain why there are little, if any, children in San Francisco? There basically are two primary citizen-types in the city … Those who refuse to procreate because they are smug social elitists. And then there are those who try as they physically might to procreate simply have the laws of biology against them. They can ‘roll that dice’ all day and night and that spark of life just ain’t gonna happen.

(San Francisco Examiner) – Despite efforts to stem the tide of family flight, the population of children in San Francisco continues to ebb.

Families that remain in The City are bucking the trend that has plagued San Francisco for years as the number of children — defined as people up to 17 years old — has dropped from 181,532 in 1960 to 107,524 today, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau figures. The 2000 census counted 112,802 youths.
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ACLU vs. Religious Liberty

Great piece by Matt Barber at The American Thinker on the history of the ACLU andits modern application:

Irony is defined as "the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning." The term doublespeak means "evasive, ambiguous language that is intended to deceive or confuse."

There is perhaps no greater example of ironic doublespeak than inclusion of the phrase "civil liberties" within the inapt designation: "American Civil Liberties Union."
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Iraqi Archbishop: "Near Genocide of Christians"

Why are we ignoring this? Weasel Zippers reports:

Abandoning Iraq’s Christians to jihadist animals will be an eternal blight on America’s soul.

DUNDALK, Ireland (CNS) — An Iraqi archbishop spoke of “near-genocide conditions” for Christians in his country and said those fleeing violence were straining resources in other parts of the country.
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Quote Unquote Terrorism?

This is unbelievable. Jonah Goldberg calls out the media:

Via Jeffrey Goldberg (No relation), Reuters offers this objective take on the bus bombing in Israel:

Police said it was a “terrorist attack” — Israel’s term for a Palestinian strike. It was the first time Jerusalem had been hit by such a bomb since 2004.
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Obama's Arrested Development

Does he really think all Presidents before him were war mongers? Pundette has this disturbing quote from Obama:

In a recent CNN interview, our philosopher-king president revealed that his thinking on war and peace stopped evolving somewhere around age eleven:
I'm accustomed to this contradiction of being both a commander-in-chief but also somebody who aspires to peace.
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Jesuit U to Sever Planned Parenthood Ties?

Cardinal Newman Society writes:

A group of 16 national pro-life leaders, led by The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS) and Students for Life of America (SFLA), sent a letter to the President of Seattle University calling on him to put an end to the institution’s numerous connections to Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion rights organizations. The Catholic Church’s unequivocal condemnation of abortion renders a Catholic university’s association with any pro-abortion rights organization grossly inappropriate.

“Seattle University, as a Catholic and Jesuit institution, has a God-given responsibility to live up to its religious identity,” said Patrick J. Reilly, CNS President. “Such an identity certainly precludes involvement with those organizations facilitating the slaughter of the innocents. May Seattle University today turn a corner and resolve to sever these scandalous connections.”
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Are We Married to Marriage?

Kathryn Lopez says we should be thankful marriage is a contentious issue? Well, kinda.

There she was. Don Quixote, otherwise known as Maggie Gallagher, testifying before a committee in the Maryland House of Delegates in defense of marriage.

Gallagher, the chairman of the National Organization for Marriage, had been there before – defending marriage even as conventional wisdom portrayed gay marriage as inevitable, both in the immediate fight and the long run. Listening to activists and local and national media, the likes of the National Organization for Marriage seem like they’re clinging to a bygone age.

But there she was, trying, bless her heart.
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Pole Dancing for Jesus? Really?

The Blaze reports:

Colosians 3:17 gives Christians a charge: “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” But I’m not sure pole dancing is what Paul had in mind.

But don’t tell that to Crystal Deans, who runs a program called Pole Fitness for Jesus in Houston, TX.

“On Sundays, we do pole fitness for Jesus,” Deans, a former stripper, tells My Fox Houston.
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Atheist Newdow Throws in the Towel

The "Under God" in the Pledge is safe...for now. Catholic Lane reports:

Atheist activist Dr. Michael Newdow announced on his website that after 6 years of litigation in federal courts, his constitutional challenge to the Pledge of Allegiance in California public schools is “over.” Newdow indicated for “reasons that are best not divulged” that he would not appeal the case to the Supreme Court. That leaves intact a decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco last year holding that the words “under God” in the Pledge do not establish a religion. Dr. Newdow’s separate lawsuit challenging recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in New Hampshire public schools continues and will be put before the U.S. Supreme Court next week.
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Obama Reverses Self on Qadafi

Weasel Zippers reports:

Obama: Remember What I Said Yesterday About Gaddafi Having To Go? Well I Changed My Mind, He Can Stay…

Fearless Leader yesterday:
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Bully Attacks Autistic Child, Walks

The Right Scoop reports on this outrage:

This incident happened earlier this month but Geraldo did a special report on it tonight. Sometimes I ignore stuff like this but considering it was special needs child with autism who was punched, it seems especially egregious to me:
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Snake On A Plane

From the Weekly Standard

In a conference call with reporters, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill just disclosed that she failed to pay $287,000 in property taxes related to her co-ownership of a private aircraft. This scandal comes quickly on the heels of recent revelations that McCaskill improperly billed taxpayers for use of the same private aircraft, for which McCaskill reimbursed the Treasury $88,000:

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NYTimes Loves Some Catholics

Carl Olson writes:

The New York Times effeciently describes the average U.S. Catholic:

He goes to Mass, though not every Sunday. He considers himself a practicing Roman Catholic, yet avoids calling himself devout. He opposes the death penalty, as church leaders do. But he is divorced. And he supports same-sex marriage and abortion rights, stances sharply at odds with church teaching.

The name of the average Catholic featured in the Times is Gov. Andrew W. Cuomo of New York:
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Inevitable. We're Going to War for Oil

Weasel Zippers has this laughable report:

Actually, America doesn’t import oil from Libya, we’re not equipped to refine the type of crude they produce, Europe on the other hand relies heavily on it. But hey, why let facts get in the way of an overused argument?

(The Hill)- The United States military action against Libya is motivated by a desire for affordable and accessible oil, a top Democrat on environmental issues said Monday.
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Obama, Then and Now

You'd almost start thinking this guy didn't really believe what he says:

“The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”
— Senator Barack Hussein Obama, December 20, 2007
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Mom Loses Kids for Refusing C-Section

Wow. This just seems nuts to me. LifeSiteNews.com reports:

A New Jersey woman has lost custody of her child for the past five years for refusing to sign a consent form permitting a C-section during her child’s birth, according to an exclusive report published by Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.
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Crucifixes in Class Not a Violation of Rights

Hey, here's some good news from Catholic Lane:

The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, ruled that Italy has not violated human rights by requiring crucifixes to be displayed in Italian state-school classrooms. Voting 15-2, the Grand Chamber reversed the earlier decision of a lower chamber of the Court finding the crucifix displays to violate European human rights norms.
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Hide the Decline!

Hide the Decline! Vid at The Corner completely dismantles the "science"

Via Nick Schulz, here’s Berkeley’s Richard Muller going after the “hide the decline” “trick” made infamous by the ClimateGate emails. Wow:
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Historical Church Figures With SuperHero Names

Jimmy Akin writes:

Over on Facebook, someone writes:

So which church father (or any saint, I suppose) has the coolest super hero name?

If you want cool superhero names, I'd broaden it beyond just saints and church Fathers, because some historical figures have some really cool superhero names. Here are some of my favorites:
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You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Dr. Edward Peters writes:

Based on the news reports I’ve seen (here and here), the case of Spanish priest Manel Pousa illustrates why it is so hard to parody religious nuttiness these days. As soon as one posits, say, a hypothetical priest who—I dunno, let’s just make something up—pays for abortions, and blesses gay unions, and supports women’s ‘ordinations’, and holds for optional celibacy while he hangs out with his girlfriend and hobnobbs with the region’s rich and famous, then boom!, you find out that an actual priest is alleged to fit that description. So it’s back to the imagination drawing boards.
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Jen F. Is Selfish and Lazy

Jen of Conversion Diary fame writes of her life changing diapers:

Now that I’m visibly pregnant, I get asked more and more often for a detailed plan of how many more children I’ll have and when I’ll be “done.” Much of the time, “Congratulations” is swiftly followed by one of the following questions
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Blogger Heads off To Combat Training

Teofilo de Jesus is off to combat training. Please keep him and his family in your prayers:

Brethren, I am about to start combat training at Army training center. Blogging will become briefer, scarcer for a bit. I leave you with the following consideration by the Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen:
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40 Meatless Meals

The Pious Sodality of Church Ladies is running menus for 40 meatless meals for Lent. Me? I'm good with pizza for at least two meals a day for 40 days but I understand others enjoy a little variety. Check it out.

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Michelle Malkin writes:

Our friend and tech guru Ed Burns has helped create a stand-alone website for my missing cousin, Marizela Perez.

You can find videos, pictures, background stories, and links at:


Still working on a Paypal link. Will let you know as soon as it’s live.

I was able to spread the word at the end of my regular Fox and Friends segment this morning (watch here) and FoxNews.com will also be writing a follow-up.
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Tell Me This Ain't a Protection Racket

Laura W. writes at Ace of Spades about a letter being sent out by firefighters and police unions:

Dear Business Owners,

Nice place you got here. Be a shame if anything were to happen to it.
As you also know, Scott Walker did not campaign on this issue when he ran for office. If he had, we are confident that you would not be listed among his largest contributors. As such, we are contacting you now to request your support.
Here's the deal: we looked up his biggest supporters, specifically, and now we're singling them out for that support, specifically.
We know you are a Walker supporter. Tsk, tsk. That turned out to be a bad idea, Sport. But look, just to show what nice guys we are, we're willing to assume it was all some kind of honest mistake on your part.
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Self Esteem Run Amok

Adrienne writes about how the self esteem movement creates monsters:

I've spoken before about the deadly results of the self-esteem movement...

The self-esteem movement creates monsters...

This morning I watched three videos on The Blaze that shows how young people, having been raised in the self-esteem movement, behave - and it ain't pretty. The third video is available at The Blaze.
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France: Muslims to Use Empty Churches?


The pathetic decline of Europe’s Judeo-Christian heritage is an ugly site to behold.

(Spero News) — A Muslim group has asked to use the empty churches in France for Muslims to pray in, solving (at the expense of Christians) the traffic problems caused by Muslims who pray in the streets. Fr. Khalial Samir Samir, an expert scholar of Islam, reflects on the embarrassing proposal, calling for Islam in Europe to become more “European” and less “Arab”.
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Children "Infected" with Christian Values

Paul Diamond of The Corner writes:

In an important case in the United Kingdom, the High Court held this week that Christian views on sexual morality could be “inimical” to a child’s welfare.

Mr. and Mrs. Johns wanted to foster a child as young as five as respite carers for parents who were having difficulty. Some 15 years earlier they had successfully fostered, but work commitments meant that they were unable to devote sufficient time to children. When they retired, they applied to be registered as foster carers again.
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Political Violence is Sometimes OK?

Troglopundit nails this one by taking the lefties at their word and taking their words to their logical conclusion:

I guess I’d better lead off by saying that I do not – NOT – condone violence against abortion providers, even if you believe such violence may prevent the death of an unborn child. I’m more of a “win their hearts and minds” kind of guy. Provide alternatives to abortion, and convince the people that those alternatives are better.

But that was the first question that came to mind when I read this:
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Herman Cain: It's "Planned Genocide"

The more I hear from Herman Cain the more I like him.

Washington (CNS) — Likely Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain supports ending all federal funding to Planned Parenthood, an abortion business that he said was founded to target African Americans and is continuing that mission.

“Here’s why I support de-funding Planned Parenthood, because you don’t hear a lot of people talking about this, when Margaret Sanger — check my history — started Planned Parenthood, the objective was to put these centers in primarily black communities so they could help kill black babies before they came into the world,” Cain told CNSNews.com on Tuesday when speaking at the conservative Heritage Foundation.
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Why is It So Easy for Lila Rose and O'Keefe

Phi Beta Cons asks:

Lila Rose and James O’Keefe are young. Very young. So young that they probably have no memory of the glories of the hair-band era, never looked to Alex P. Keaton as young conservative role model, and never saw the greatest science-fiction movie in history on the big screen. But take a look at what they’ve accomplished in their few, short adult years. With creativity, initiative, a serious dose of moxie, and minimal investment in cheap technology, they’ve been instrumental in — among other things — shaming Planned Parenthood and providing a huge boost to the effort to defund America’s primary abortion mill (Lila), defunding ACORN (James and Hannah Giles), and now shaming NPR and claiming the jobs of its senior executives (James).
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Real Evil is being Ignored

I am sick over this. Just sick.

Yesterday William Jacobson asked, "What kind of person stabs a three-month old infant to death?" And he posted what looks like a newborn picture of perfect little Hadas Fogel:
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Michelle Malkin Asking for Help

Please take a look at the video and the pictures that Michelle Malkin has up at her site of the missing 18 year old Marizela Perez. You never know. And please say a few prayers:

We spent the weekend on the ground in Seattle, looking for any signs of our missing 18-year-old University of Washington student Marizela Perez.

Family, friends, supporters, student and church volunteers, Facebook users, blog readers, and kind strangers met us on Saturday in the parking lot at the Safeway in the University District where Marizela was last seen. Family members continued the search on Sunday. We spread out and canvassed Ravenna Park, Cowen Park, the Arboretum, the University District, Chinatown, Green Lake, Rainier Beach/Rainier Valley, and the UW Bothell campus.

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40 Years of Title X is Enough

Robert Patterson of Family in America writes that the War on fertility is having disastrous consequences:

When Robert S. McNamara, the secretary of defense for Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, passed away in 2009, the media recounted achievements that few in his generation could match. While charting his rapid rise in the Ford Motor Company and his leadership of the World Bank, the news accounts directed most of their attention to McNamara’s seven years at the Pentagon in the 1960s, directing a military build-up in Southeast Asia during the early but critical years of the Vietnam War. A common theme of most obituaries was the irony of how the prosecution of a war in a tiny country by a talented, dedicated, and bright public servant ended in such a colossal defeat, at the cost of more than 58,000 American lives.
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Economic Consequences of Marital Breakdown

Heritage Foundation reports:

The scandal and heartache of teen pregnancy has been exploited by producers of popular prime-time TV, who have made stories of 16-year-olds stumbling through accelerated adolescence into marketable drama. Likewise, news media have scrutinized the teen birth phenomenon for some time.
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O' Captain, My Captain!

Gormogons writes:

O Captain, My Captain!
Let us review.

Egyptians overthrow their dictatorial president and begin to tip toward Iran-style theocracy. The President suggests light rail and green jobs could help the economy.

The economy shows serious and significant signs of backsliding. The President resolves that Motown is some of the coolest music ever.
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NPR: Bible "Anachronistic"

Tim Graham writes:

The left end of the radio dial is designated for non-commercial broadcasters, which is usually NPR stations and Christian stations. No one would confuse the two. On Thursday, the nationally distributed NPR show Fresh Air with Terry Gross became the latest media outlet to celebrate the Bible-shredding of professor Jennifer Wright Knust (after CNN.com and the Washington Post On Faith website.)
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Jesse: Scott Walker a "Confederate"

Ha! No shame in Jesse Jackson’s game.
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Liberals Hate Battle Los Angeles

I saw it and loved it. Roger Ebert and others think I'm an idiot. Toto writes:

The new action film “Battle: Los Angeles” isn’t perfect.

OK, that’s like saving Julian Assange has trouble keeping secrets.

“Battle” is dopey to the core, with giggle-inducing dialogue, shaky cams gone wild and a host of other structural issues. But perusing a few of the critical responses to “Battle” yields something else “wrong” with the film. It doesn’t march lockstep with some critics’ ideological fault lines.
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EWTN's New Show. A Review.

Sofia likes the new show:

Just when I think that no one thinks like I do, the Lord reminds me it ain’t about me.

As my readers may know and the rest of you will know now, I am a traditional Roman Catholic woman with little in common with the secular world except lovin’ the NY Mets and a perfect French mani-pedi. Other than that, I’m a Summorum Pontificum (for those of you from Mars, that’s the Encyclical from our Beloved Holy Father Benedict that has made the Traditional Latin Mass an “in” thing) kind of gal. Break out the Latin and smell the incense and well, if you don’t like it…oh wait…charity, always charity!

Okay, getting back to the point! Nothing in common with the secular world and particular nuttin’ in common with secular media. Usually if the TV is on it’s Food Network, HGTV, EWTN or The WeatherChannel checking out the latest storm. The last thing I want to watch is a show like ABC-TV’s “The View”. Women perched around a desk complaining, laughing at the church, smiling about abortion and male-bashing…NOT!

So, just when I felt like no one was listening to me and my gripes, along comes, “The Catholic View for Women” on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) or commonly known as “Mother Angelica’s station”.
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Yummy Yummy I Got God in My Tummy

Rev. Know-It-All writes:

A short history of the Hootenanny Mass & other absurdities... part 18

Letter to Harold “Hoot” and Annie Gibson cont. part 18

(Note to the squeamish: I am not making a word of this up. I have fogged the identities of some people. I have no desire to be sued.)


Do whatever steps you want if
You have cleared them with the Pontiff
Everybody say his own Kyrie Eleison
Doin' the Vatican Rag

Make a cross on your abdomen
When in Rome do like a Roman
Ave Maria, gee it's good to see ya
Gettin' ecstatic an' sorta dramatic an'
Doin' the Vatican Rag
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Help! I'm Late for Mass. Again!

Deirdre Mundy is having trouble getting four kids to Mass on time. I still have problems with this with my five:

This is not an informational post. This is a cry for help, and for advice from experienced parents.

Since my fourth child was born, I have been on time for Mass ONCE. That was the week the kids were sick, the car was broken, and my husband and I split Masses and I only had to get myself ready and out the door. I was 15 minutes early. It was glorious.

The rest of time, Sunday is definitely an exercise in penance and humiliation.
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Michelle Malkin's Cousin Missing

Prayers and help needed.

Dear readers,

Apologies for my absence. I’ll be getting back up to speed today, but it is hard to function with dread coursing through your veins.

Spread across the country, the family and friends of Marizela Perez — missing in Seattle since Saturday and last seen at the University District Safeway — are going through this:

You try to eat, but all you can taste is indigestible fear.
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Pelosi Invokes the Bible, I Think

She may be crazy. Check out the vid and decide:

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is worse than a pro-abortion godless leftist like Pelosi invoking the Bible to push their agenda.

(CNS) -House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the House Republicans’ proposed cut to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) budget hurts their biomedical research’s “biblical power to cure.”
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Who Can/Should Receive Communion?

Marcel writes:

Q - I recently met someone who was raised Catholic but left the Church at some point. When she goes home to visit her family she still attends mass with them and says she recieves the Eucharist. She considers herself non-denominational and says that since there is no 'bad blood' between her and the Chruch it's ok for her to participate.

What's the status of someone who leaves the Catholic Church? Is it appropriate for them to recieve the Eucharist? If not, then is it appropriate for me to correct them?
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Georgetown Recognizes LBGTQ

Cardinal Newman Society reports:

Georgetown University’s Alumni Association is hosting its annual “John Carroll Weekend” in San Francisco later this semester. One event during the weekend will “recognize the achievements of LGBTQ and allied alumni,” the event page says.

The description for “LGBTQ Reception: ‘Change Makers: Finding Home on the Hilltop’” reads:
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GOP Hopefuls Observing Lent

The Daily Caller reports:

The 40-day period of sacrifice before Easter began Wednesday, and some Republican presidential hopefuls plan to whip their way around Iowa and New Hampshire without some of the things they love most.

Catholics, Southern Baptists, Mormons, Born-again Christians and a Lutheran have floated the possibility that they’ll run against President Obama this year. Although Lent is typically a tradition for observing Catholics, The Daily Caller asked if they’re planning to give anything up. Here’s what some of them said:
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This May Get Ugly


Video: Leftists Storm Wisconsin Capitol After Union Bill Vote…
This is going to get ugly. Ann Althouse’s husband is at the Capitol right now and says there’s “absolutely no security whatsoever.”
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Giving up Facebook for Lent?

Maggie is addicted to Facebook so she's giving it up for Lent. If she fails I say we stage an intervention. She must learn that every moment spent away from CMR is wasted.

For the past couple of years I've considered giving up facebook for Lent. But I always made excuses- one was that Lent was right before my wedding and I needed this social network to keep in touch with family, friends, the wedding party and I needed a way to vent at times. Another excuse was that I was pregnant. I wanted to update my loved ones on the excitement of pregnancy.
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NPR Fact Checks Planned Parenthood

Jill Stanek reports:

Perhaps James O’Keefe’s release yesterday of damaging investigative videos against National Public Radio (read more here, here, and here) had nothing to do with it.

Or perhaps a desperate NPR is suddenly trying to appear more fair and balanced in the face of potentially losing $90 million in taxpayer funding. You decide.
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The 3 Stooges Take on Hitler

Love them Stooges, especially when they take on Hitler:

It‘s probably been 35 years since I’ve seen an episode of The Three Stooges, so when I stumbled across one this past rainy Sunday I figured it was a good time to bond with my boy and watch some good ol’ fashioned slapstick violence. What I didn‘t know is that the episode we’d tuned in to was really special: a 1940 short that openly mocked Hitler and Nazi Germany. This was actually controversial at the time, as the United States was still “neutral” about the war which had been raging in Europe since September 1939. In fact, the film managed to evade government censorship primarily because it was a short film and not a full-length feature
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The Power of the Internet on Democracy

This important story in Utah is still unfolding. Instapundit has the details:

Oh the power of an Army of Davids with access to the internet! The Utah Legislature tried to sneak through an amnesty bill in the dark of night over the weekend. The bill, HB116, passed the house and the senate on Friday and was sent to the Governor’s desk yesterday. Today the Utah Tea Party arranged a meeting with Governor Herbert at 12:30 pm. We met with Governor Herbert and Lt. Governor Bell to urge Herbert to veto the bill. We brought up our strenuous objections to the bill as it is unconstitutional on its face. The bill grants amnesty and work permits to anyone illegally in the state before May 2011.
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Miscommunications in Marriage

Betty Beguiles writes an honest piece. It's a think piece, as they say:

As much as I might like to tell myself that my wifely communication skills are top notch, in reality they are anything but. I tend to silently hold on to small hurts. I often neglect to express my feelings. In fact, if I’m going to be honest, I've been known to nurture those hurts somewhere deep inside myself until they flourish, bringing forth all my worst traits: wrath, unkindness, pride…

It’s not that I enjoy the drama. I simply despise conflict. So I tuck my objections away foolishly thinking they might somehow magically dissipate—which of course they never do. For the longest time, I wasn’t even aware that I was doing this. I was simply trying to maintain some false understanding of peace. It backfired every time, of course. I’d have a bad day and my many grievances would come roaring out.
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Ranting Catholic Mom Thins the GOP Herd

Lots o' candidates to decide from. I'm not sure where my head is yet but Ranting Catholic Mom seems pretty sure:

Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Buddy Roemer, Herman Cain, Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels... I'm sure there are others, but these seem to be the Republican contenders for president. Because I live in a state that has the double whammy of insignificance for primary votes, low population and a late primary, I often find the choice of candidates to have dwindled to nothing but a front runner by the time our primary rolls around.
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Where are the Libertarians on Marriage?

Once marriage becomes a right for homosexuals, it will become our responsibility to recognize that right and that's where the problem lies for Christians. Mike from Opinionated Catholic shares his opinion because that's what opinionated Catholics do.

"How does gay marriage affect you" is often the first thing one hears in these debates. It is followed up by "Your Priest or Pastor will not HAVE TO marry gay people so whats the problem."

As I keep pointing out this is a rather naive view of how the law will work no matter what your stance. While it is an effective soundbite it will not mirror the coming possible reality.
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"I'll Have to Pay for My Own Birth Control?!"

Deep thoughts from Planned Parenthood acolytes:

Planned Parenthood and NARAL had about 100-120 people at their rally in Madison last weekend, along with a police escort (seriously, is that necessary, in Madison?) and they marched down State Street to the square. All of the cross streets were blocked off with squad cars to allow the Planned Parenthood march to proceed uninterrupted (again, necessary?) Interestingly, most of the Planned Parenthood rally people had union signs, meaning they just walked down from the union protests around the square.
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Will Gendercide Have No Consequences?

Millions of Asian men with no women? What could go wrong?

It's raining men in Asia. And it will be nothing like the Weather Girls imagined.

Niall Ferguson writes:

In Jiangxi, Guangdong, Hainan, and Anhui provinces, baby boys outnumber baby girls by 30 percent or more. This means that by the time today’s Chinese newborns reach adulthood, there will be a chronic shortage of potential spouses. According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, one in five young men will be brideless. Within the age group 20 to 39, there will be 22 million more men than women. Imagine 10 cities the size of Houston populated exclusively by young males.
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School Takes on ACLU over Prayer Banner

Finally, someone fights back. Weasel Zippers reports:

Stand strong.

Via Todd Starnes, Fox News Radio:

A Rhode Island school district has decided that if it comes down to a fight — they are willing to fight the American Civil Liberties Union over a prayer banner hanging inside a public school.
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Heartache. Schools Don't Want Obama

Nobody wants Obama. Awwww.

Last year, the White House received applications from more than 1,000 schools in a competition to secure a commencement address from President Barack Obama. But just one year later, it seems schools have lost interest.

A leaked internal White House memo reveals the Obama administration is scrambling to ramp its “Race to the Top Commencement Challenge,” facing a serious shortage of applicants less than one week before the deadline.
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Mom Needs a Hug

Great moments sometimes happen in little moments. Rocks in My Dryer has one of them:

He walked into the kitchen while I chopped onions for dinner. He began to talk about a new video game release, and I, being distracted, gave some distant mumbles of assent.

Suddenly, he walked up to me. "Mom, you look like you need a hug."

Then he hugged me. And held me.

He's 13, nearly 14. These last few months we've laughed together a lot. And we've frustrated each other a lot, too, scoping out our new spots in this family, in this world--he's becoming a Big Person, I'm becoming the mother of a son who needs me in a very different way than he used to.

It's exhilarating, frightening, wonderful, irritating, and hilarious.
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Shahbaz Batthi: Martyr for the Faith?

Donald Mclarey writes:

Courage and Faith. Abstractions to many, meaningless phrases to some, to others they are a way of life. Shahbaz Bhatti was in the last category. His faith was obvious to all. As a Roman Catholic in overwhelmingly Islamic Pakistan he was tireless in spreading the Truth of Christ, and in standing up for the rights of Christians in Pakistan
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Planned Parenthood Boasts Record Year

Weasel Zippers reports:

Your tax dollars hard at work.

(CNSNews.com) – Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Web site shows that it performed a record number of abortions in 2009, up 8,270 from 2008. According to a fact sheet posted under “History of Planned Parenthood,” Planned Parenthood clinics in 2009 performed 332,278 abortions – up from 324,008 in 2008, or a 2.5 percent increase.
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If Up! Were Made in the 60's

This is great. (And it makes me miss Spencer Tracy a bit) Check out the vid at the Anchoress.
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Inspiring Vid of the Day

A teacher with Down syndrome will brighten your day. Check out the vid at Chelsea's place, Reflections of a Paralytic:

As uplifting as it is, however, it is also a little infuriating to see this beautiful woman enriching the lives of so many young people and knowing that upwards of 90% of children prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are never allowed make it out of the womb. It’s a pretty safe bet that none of the kids in her class look at her and think she should have never been born.
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Child Brides

Susan at a Voice into the Void writes:

In the Muslim “faith” (yes – in punctuation marks, because I don’t believe it’s a faith as much as a political system), young girls and women have no rights. Their word as a witness in a court of law is equal to half that of a man’s word. Women are property. Sadly, as we turn a blind eye to Islam in our country, I believe we will have more of our own young ladies fall into desperate situations like the one here.
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Immigrant Mother Dehydrated to Death

Wesley Smith writes:

Since when is keeping the desire to keep one’s mother nourished grounds for removing them from a say in her medical decision making? When an immigrant family wants their mother to receive a feeding tube and the hospital no longer wants to be on the financial hook for providing it. From the story:
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NEA at UN: We Need More Sex Ed

Pundette writes:

Brought to you by the NEA, another reason to remove your children from the toxic environment of government schools:
“Oral sex, masturbation, and orgasms need to be taught in education,” Diane Schneider told the audience at a [United Nations] panel on combating homophobia and transphobia. Schneider, representing the National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers union in the US, advocated for more “inclusive” sex education in US schools, with curricula based on liberal hetero and homosexual expression. She claimed that the idea of sex education remains an oxymoron if it is abstinence-based, or if students are still able to opt-out.
Ms. Schneider doesn't want this to be a choice. Got it.
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The Birth Control Myth

Kathryn Lopez writes that this column from left leaning Kirsten Powers is a powerful one. Check it out:

Read this Kirsten Powers column:

To preserve its federal subsidy, Planned Parenthood continues to claim that without its contraception services the abortion rate will go up. This deception smacks of a fleecing of taxpayers in an effort to promote an ideological agenda, rather than a sincere effort to help women plan families.

What is that ideology, exactly? To find out, you have to dig through Planned Parenthood’s tax forms because the group certainly isn’t going to tell you. According to its most recent tax filing, the purpose of Planned Parenthood Federation of America is to provide leadership in “[a]chieving, through informed individual choice, a U.S. population of stable size in an optimum environment; in stimulating and sponsoring relevant biomedical, socio-economic, and demographic research.”
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Dad's Last Wish

Life is never about one thing. Even when gathering for sad events there's laughs and stories. This is a joyful, sad and wonderful story about a family gathering for what they believe are their father's last days. Prayers for the entire family. Take a moment to read it at You Are Mine:

This past week brought my brothers, sisters and every niece and nephew to my parents' home to say goodbye to my father.

This, I thought, was my dad's last wish.

Although at times if was difficult... for the most part this gathering was a joyful celebration of my father's life. Stories were told and re-told and more importantly, my family provided me with a few ridiculous moments for FGF.
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Huckabee Pulls a Quayle - In a Good Way

Dan Quayle was right about Murphy Brown all those years ago. And now Huckabee is right. Cue the demagogues to tear him down NOW. The Blaze has the audio and the story:

In saying it’s unfortunate that American society seems to “glorify and glamorize” having children out-of-wedlock, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee unknowingly caused a stir in Tinseltown after “slamming” pregnant Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman.
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Republicans: Defund PP or We Vote No

This would be a heckuva standoff and one definitely worth making. Weasel Zippers reports:

House Republicans Say They Will Shut Down Gov’t by Voting Against Spending Bill Unless Planned Parenthood is Defunded…


(TPM)- A pro-life leader in the House says he and many other Republicans will vote against legislation to fund the government through September if a series of anti-abortion riders, which already passed the House, aren’t included in the final bill.
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Kline: KS Supreme Court Obstructing Justice

Jill Stanek is doing great work reporting on this sham of a trial:

Round 1 of the ethics trial of former Kansas AG and Johnson Co. DA Phill Kline ended Wednesday.

Round 2 will commence July 19-23, at the end of which Kline will be allowed to make his own closing arguments.

Kline is accused of going too far in his dogged investigation of George Tiller and Planned Parenthood for illegal late-term abortions and not reporting child rape.

In all, Kline was on the stand 23 hours. The prosecution was given 7-1/2 days to make its case; Kline was given 1/2 day.
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Pence's Patience is Wearing Thin

Mike Pence says "Let's defund Obamacare. Let's Defund Planned Parenthood." Now. Check out the vid at Cubachi:

Indiana Representative Mike Pence gave a speech on the House floor that was passionate and admirable.

The budget crisis in this nation is dire. We’re over $1 trillion in debt this year, and for the next few years we’re over $14 trillion in debt. Not to mention that we have high unemployment, and Obamacare.

Pence has had enough of the nonsense in Washington.
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72 Hr. Waiting Period on Abortion Passes

Catholic News Agency reports some great news:

South Dakota's Senate voted on March 2 to pass legislation requiring women to wait 72 hours and be provided counseling before undergoing an abortion.

In a 21-13 vote, the Senate approved HB 1217, which mandates that a licensed physician first meet with a woman considering an abortion, discuss the documented risks with her, and schedule the procedure no earlier than 72 hours after the assessment. The bill now awaits signature from Republican Gov. Dennis Daugaard
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Fr. Barron on the Pope's New Book

Pope Benedict and How to Read the Bible

The second volume of Pope Benedict’s masterful study of the Lord Jesus has just been published. The first volume, issued three years ago, dealt with the public life and preaching of Jesus, while this second installment concentrates on the events of Lord’s passion, death, and resurrection. As was the case with volume one, this book is introduced by a short but penetrating introduction, wherein the Pope makes some remarks about the method he has chosen to employ. What I found particularly fascinating was how Joseph Ratzinger develops a motif that has preoccupied him for the past thirty years, namely, how biblical scholarship has to move beyond an exclusive use of the historical-critical method.

The roots of this method stretch back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries...

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Trouble at the Catholic University of Dalls?

Uh-oh. Patrick Fagan of The Catholic Thing writes:

DEPENDING on how the Board of the University of Dallas votes tonight I (proud father of five UD alumni children) may well be telling folk: “Don’t send your kids to UD. It used to be great but now is a danger to their faith.” At issue is the introduction of a curriculum of the School of Ministry for undergraduates.

In a newly released promotional video for the University of Dallas, the new president Thomas Keefe states unequivocally, “There isn’t an institution that compares to the University of Dallas in its fidelity to the Church and its academic rigor.” How brave he is in keeping it so will be clear tonight at the Board meeting.
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Pro-Life at ND

Sometimes in blogging we focus on only the bad news. But here's some good news coming out of Notre Dame.

Notre Dame participation in the recent March for Life was impressive. Led by Father Jenkins and 40 faculty and staff, some 380 students from Notre Dame, St. Mary’s and Holy Cross marched and attended the liturgies and related events. This was the largest contingent ever.

The Fund for the Protection of Human Life again provided substantial financial assistance to the student Right to Life club, as did the newly created office of the Coordinator for Life Initiatives. In addition, the Fund continued its practice of encouraging faculty and staff to attend by offering an expense allowance.
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Ant Zombies. Seriously.

Troglopundit sees the end of the world. And it's got zombie ants. Lots of them:

The zombification fungus has been found: now, it’s only a matter of time.
Step 1: breed zombie fungus;
Step 2: distill zombie fungus into a solution that affects humans;
Step 3: introduce zombie solution into local water supply;

On to step 1!
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WI Senate Orders Arrests of Fleebaggers


Round ‘em up.

Senate Republicans Thursday ordered the arrest of their 14 Democratic colleagues, who fled the state two weeks ago to avoid a vote on Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial budget repair bill
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Is Christie Our Only Hope?

Pundette seems to think so:

A WSJ poll shows Americans aren't ready for the entitlement cuts needed to keep us from capsizing. Doug Ross puts it this way: Poll Finds Lack of Support for Arithmetic, Logic and Reason

This is why America needs an eloquent, conservative leader rather than an ideological sibling of Frances Fox Piven. Americans can understand and emphasize with a leader who speaks clearly and honestly about the problem. Failure to do so is simply criminal.

Paging Chris Christie:
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Scandal! Danielle Bean is No Supermom

I knew it. I didn't know I knew it but I knew it. Danielle Bean writes a great post at Faith and Family Live:

It had been one of those days. Or weeks. Or months, maybe.

Ten years ago, I had a husband who was working extra hours at his second job. I had a cranky, teething baby with an aversion to naps and an impending eye infection. I had a potty training two-year-old who was solely responsible for a befouled area rug, a damp sofa cushion, and three loads of laundry washed, dried, folded, put away ... and soiled again.

As if all of this weren’t enough, next came a crash from the kitchen, where my four-year-old was attempting to pour herself a glass of Kool-Aid.
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Obama: Tea Party Racist or Subterrranean

Isn't he supposed to be the President of the entire country? Weasel Zippers reports:

Obama Says Racism Involved in Tea Party Movement; Has a “Subterranean Agenda” That Is Racially Biased…

Obama has single-handedly set back race relations in America by 20 years.

Obama Says Race a Key Component in Tea Party Protests — US News
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Orange You Glad to See Us?

Remember the pro-life flash mob I put yesterday. Well this is a much better angle and shows how surprised the pro-aborts were and how joyful the pro-lifers are. It's really pretty awesome.
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The Case of the Fuzzy Gummy Bear

Marcel writes:

This morning started out like a lot of mornings do in our house. Breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed, exercising, prayers, etc. But, this morning had one small addition - gummy vitamins and lying.

While I was putting in my contacts, my wife, Kristy, walked into our bathroom with a hand full of slightly furry gummy vitamins. She told me she found them in the back of our closet. We both knew that our five year-old, Anna, was probably the culprit. She had spit out her vitamins once before when she didn't get her favorite brand. Kristy told me that she had already asked Anna if they were hers and she said "no". It was at this point that my righteous indignation started to stir inside. I asked Kristy if she wanted me to "handle it". She did. I knew Anna was most likely lying and that kind of behavior isn't tolerated in my house.
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Adopt a Priestess

LarryD writes:

I'm kicking off a project here at AoftheA, one your participation is humbly requested.

Last week's story of Norma Jean Coon publicly renouncing her association with RCWP and attempt at ordination to the diaconate really moved me. It was a bright light of hope in a week of dark, despairing news. Perhaps it's the initial sign that the womynpreest movement is beginning to crack. Thus, we should all help it along.

That's why I've decided to launch the "Adopt-A-Priestess Project", which is not all that dissimilar from "Adopt A Seminarian" initiatives some dioceses have, or the Spiritual Adoption of Unborn Human Life that had been encouraged by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.
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Rangel: No Collective Bargaining =Slavery

What a maroon:

Coming from a guy who has never worked a day in his life.

(Briefing Room)- State governments taking steps to “abolish” collective bargaining rights for workers is similar to slavery, Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) contends.
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Green vs. Green

Enviros vs. enviros. Well, heat up the popcorn I'm going to enjoy this. Planet Gore has the story:

Enviros are getting angry that other enviros are suing to to block green projects because they harm the environment:

Several solar thermal power plant projects to be constructed on public lands are on hold pending lawsuits by environmental groups, including Sierra Club, and Native American tribes. The Sierra Club petitioned the California Supreme Court to overturn the license for the Calico Solar Energy Project because it would harm desert tortoise and other wildlife. California Unions for Reliable Energy, a labor group, filed a similar petition. Calico is a 663.5 megawatt (MW) solar power project.
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Couric and Stephy Party with Pimp?

Verum Serum reports:

“Jeffrey is a monster.” That’s how 27 year old Virginia Roberts describes convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and she should know. Virginia is now a married mother of three living in Australia but 12 years ago, when she was just 15, she was groomed by Epstein as his personal sexual assistant and traveling companion.

Last week Mrs. Roberts, who had been identified in court documents only as “Jane Doe 102,” saw pictures of Epstein walking free with Prince Andrew and got angry. She decided to break her silence and told her story over several days to the Daily Mail. You can read many of the gritty details of her time with Epstein here, but the bottom line is simple: Epstein trained Roberts as his personal “erotic masseuse” from the time she was 15 and then, while she was still underage, began flying her to his private island in the Caribbean for sex with his friends. In other words, he was acting as a pimp to a child prostitute.
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Vatican vs. Caritas

Rorate Caeli reports:

Quite a feud between the Apostolic See (through its Secretariat of State) and the supposedly Catholic international organization known as "Caritas" (its main American affiliate is Catholic Charities, and its main British affiliate is CAFOD). Since the position of Caritas International has been dubiously Catholic in the past few decades, the Holy See has at last intervened in what had become a scandalous situation.
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Union Chief: Raise Taxes to Pay Us More


You know the old saying, "stupid is as stupid does"? Enter the AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka, one of the most violence prone union presidents in America, who has come up with a brilliant strategy to solve America's troubles. He says we need to raise taxes to pay his union members even higher salaries and we need another giant stimulus package to chase after the other failed stimulus packages to "create" jobs.
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