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Weiner Is Offended By Art

Never heard him care about anti-Christian art, did you? The Blaze has this tale of hypocrisy and idiocy:

As Wisconsin rumbles and Libya roars, New York Rep. Anthony Weiner has his own problems to worry about: the Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives wants New York City to remove “a public statue in Queens that depicts a nude man standing over two prone women and to sell it on Craigslist,” according to the AP.
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Mary De Voe said...

The statue of Civic Virtue having vanquished evil has returned freedom and civil rights to the oppressed citizens represented by the two less than fortunate women. Abstract thought and the transcendant concepts ellude our contemporary culture. The statue is beautifully executed and maintains an air of victory over all tyranny.

Mary De Voe said...

CIVIL LAW Civil law brings about Justice for all. Civil law predicated on our founding principles, vanquishes evil of every sort and rescues the downtrodden, the injured, the vice ridden and demon possessed by bringing forth Truth, Justice and the American Way.
The civil rights of every sovereign person who is still enjoying minority standing under the law is held in trust for them by God, (In God We Trust) by their parents, and finally, by the state and community as our constitutional posterity (Preamble) enjoying the common good. ( I was told by a “right to chooser” that the PREAMBLE to the Constitution for the United States of America was no longer the Law of the Land. You see only pro-abortionists dictate the Law of the Land) Before being raised to the Supreme Court for the United States of America, Ruth Bader Ginsberg was lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, then Professor of Law at Rutgers University in New Jersey. (Does everybody know that the lawyer of every civil rights case in America is funded by our tax dollars? Oh, yes, this is why Michael Newdow, the atheist, is making millions of dollars off his stupid belief in no God. Oh Yes, Michael Newdow is offended by our civil right to our religious belief in God, our peaceable assembly, our speech and our press. Media take note. Repudiating himself and his citizenship, the atheist and the abortionist have no legal standing in a court of law having vanquished themselves, by becoming seditionists and traitors, by vilifying our founding principles set forth in The Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. The atheist and the abortionist are to learn. Never, never to lead. It is time to take our nation back to innocence and virginity. It is time to take our tax dollars back, too, from thieves and charlatans, traitors and the demon possessed)
Ruth Bader Ginsberg authored a book in which she called for all 14 year old girls to be sexually liberated and for prostitution be legalized for all 14 year olds, who are not old enough to vote, drive a car, be gainfully employed, or stay out after 10 PM. but old enough to fill the abortion mills with their flesh and blood, old enough to fill hospitals with sexually transmitted disease, to be impregnated with HIV/AIDS, herpes, tubal infections and the yet undiagnosed and undocumented human misery consequent to sexual intimacy with every fornicator, adulterer, predator, and the devil possessed.
One would ask why are the ages of sexual abuse victims being lowered and lowered. Is it because the predators actually want virgins, innocent virgins?
To recoup their innocent virginity and return to God, every man must repent, do penance, and beg for the mercy of God. Every man must rely on the mercy of God. Well, What are you waiting for?

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