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Spaghetti to a Gunfight

Fr. Z writes:

An Irishman was walking down the street one day and, to his delight, he saw a big crowd surrounding a couple of blokes coolly and systematically duking it out. The Irishman, let’s call him Sean, shoved and elbowed his way though the crowd to the inner circle and, in a lull, shouted, “Is this a private fight or can anyone join?!?”

Don’t go to bed tonight without reading Dr. Ed Peter’s response to Sean Michael Winters of the National Catholic Fishwrap in regard to canonical questions surrounding NY Gov. Cuomo’s public reception of Communion while causing public scandal (cf. c. 915).
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Anonymous said...

One wonders why Dr Peters decided to engage in this " exchange"?

Very sad, really, that bishops and priests did not do so, effectively, long ago rather than tacitly approving
such liasons for most of my adult life, I am 56, rather than addressing their consequences on individuals, on society and on the Catholic faith.

To me, this is a "waste of time" in the sense that it is
"too much, too little, too late" for the countless
numbers of marriages that have been declared dead "officially" through civil divorces encouraged by the annulment system for which Dr. Peters is a singularly huge advocate, even though he should be aware that there have been serious abuses of valid marriages and there continue to be, by that same annulment system.

Our marriages, particularly those which have miraculously withstood the malicious scrutiny of the
"canonical" monkey courts, in some cases for a seemingly endless and senseless number of years, are vestiges of a time, long ago, when a sacrament, might have ment something to most Catholics and
a priest might have actually said or done something
to defend them.

But these days our "living, valid, sacramental marriages" mean nothing to our "living breathing divorce-affirming spouses" nor to the hierarchical Catholic Church, other than being "the nuisance"
which "delays" justification for the often long-term,
Church supported adulterous, child-bearing, liasons these affairs have, frequently, become. That justification being a Church marriage in order to "make everything right"....and to make all the evil continuously perpetrated to defend adultery and its
consequences.....justified.....to justify divorce, which
has been so perversely "Christo-sanitized" as to be transformed into being a "good", through spin-doctoring of reality and the manipulation of truth and justice via the passage of time and cooperation
of the Church in gravely sinful behaviors for generations, now.

To this victim of unjustified divorce, encouraged and
supported by the very system and Church which Dr Peters has long defended(the system/process, not this particular divorce/annulment case), this current episode seems very painfully anti-climactic and long, long overdue.

Ed Peters is spot on, in this case. He has done a good work here. It deserves praise and prayer. But,
I doubt it will be of much significance, which grieves
me for our marriage, for our children and grandchildren, for others in similar circumstances and for the Church, which is actively destroying faith and valid marriages, while encouraging tremendous wrongs and openly refusing to address wrongs which are outstanding!

Thank you, Dr. Peters for addressing this scandal. I hope Rome listens; Albany seems to have simply found truth to be "uncomfortable".

I am not optimistic regarding Rome, either.

Mary De Voe said...

The disgrace is that Andrew Cuomo is ignorant of or chooses to feign ignorance of the newly begotten human being, body and soul, whose soul is willed by God into existence. Human existence is the criterion for the objective ordering of human rights. Obama has already made property of all of his constituents by denying us the free exercise of our free will in conscience and consent to matters of healthcare employment. Obama OWNS us so why should Cuomo differ? Cuomo floats his boat on the blood of aborted humans.

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