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Priest Answers Cellphone During Mass

Fr. Z writes:

From a reader:

My wife attended Mass today with my children for our homeschooling co op. There were two priests concelebrating the Mass. The older priest’s cell phone started ringing and he got up and went to the side (Still on the altar) and took the call.

My children keep asking if this is ok? This is very confusing for them since we never see this happen when we attend the Mass in the EF?

How should we proceed?
If you have feather pillows, place them on a horse drawn cart. Then, carefully lifting the pot of tar onto the back of the cart, light your torches and heft your pitchforks.
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Patrick Button said...


Elizabeth M said...

My mother-in-law saw a priest answer a text while celebrating Mass -- and there was no co-celebrant! And it was just before the consecration.

Carole said...

At the parish where I attended Christmas morning mass, Just before the final blessing, the Priest's cell phone rang. it was an "arranged greeting" from the former parish priest. The former parish priest had started a tradition of taking a call from Santa Claus just before the final blessing, and wanted to carry it on this way.

The parishioners loved it...I think it must be one of those tickling ears things.

priest's wife said...

no pitchfork here- but this is plain wrong and very sad

Hilltop said...

perhaps one of his pals can ring him up mid-judgement.

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